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The Voice Season 3 Audition

My Experience on The Voice

This past weekend I auditioned for NBC's The Voice season 3. Going into the audition I was doing a lot of research online to try and find out a little insider information on how the first rounds went. Well, I wasn't really able to find much valuable/detailed information to answer some of my specific questions. So I am going to attempt to do that here.

I had a 7:00 am audition time and when I got there, around 6:45, there was already a huge line wrapping around the Xcel Energy Center. The line was moving quick and actually by about 11:00am everyone in line had already been moved inside and most of the auditions had taken place. (I had a specific appointment so luckily I did not have to wait in the ENTIRE big long line).

At any rate, once I got inside there was a security check where they looked at people's IDs and rummaged through everyone's belongings for weapons (not sure who would bring a gun to an audition but that's a different topic). After being waved down with a metal detecting wand, and feeling like I was at the airport about to board a flight, they shuffled people down to a LARGE registration/holding room. Here they scanned your paperwork, gave you a wristband and separated you into rows of 10. Here we sat for about another 30-40 minutes as they periodically came and summoned rows that had been assembled before mine to the audition rooms.

Once my "group" was in our designated room, the single producer briefed us by saying "Sing your hearts out, have fun, and if you don't get called back its not because your bad (necessarily) it's because you are auditioning for a reality TV show and we are looking for specific qualities." Then she started calling names. One by one we all went up and sang a verse and chorus of our song and sat back down (no feedback in between singers). Once everyone had finished the producer said "Ok thanks everyone, I would like to speak to........" Luckily my name was uttered...onto the next round!

The "call back" round consisted of having to perform 3 full songs with musical accompaniment of some sort (backing track, accompanist, or play an instrument yourself). For this round I played piano and sang Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers, played guitar and sang I Won't Let You Go by James Morrison, and also Sweeter by Gavin Degraw.

I felt really good about the audition, but unfortunately was not asked to go to LA for the show taping. I was encouraged by the comments of the producers as they informed me that "Many people that have done really well on the show have also been sent home at this point in the audition process." They encouraged me to keep coming back out and trying, which was nice to hear.

Anyway, for those going to future auditions I hope this sort of sheds some light on at least the first couple rounds of auditions. My biggest pieces of advice:

1) Be very prepared with your 3 songs (know the whole song). If you get a call back your singing for 10 minutes....not just 30 seconds!

2) SING CONTEMPORARY MUSIC....this is well known and documented that this is what they are looking for. I could have even been more contemporary based on the songs I chose.

3) Have no expectations. You have no idea what they are looking for so you really can't expect to even make it past the first audition. TONS of talented people got sent packing right away. Having no expectations will leave you less heartbroken if you don't make it through.

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