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Its 7:34, im burning some Jack N Coke (Jnc) c.d.'s for tonights show at the high dive. Ive walked passed the place a bunch of times, actually went in once. Abom had a show at nectar down the street, Lost Soul nd i walked over to high dive just to peep it. There was some weird german/polish (weird combo i know) lol dancers. we thought wtf? but tonight the venue will be twice as weird. juss sayin. I heard what we're perfoming tonight, lets just say WE BOUT TO GO HAM. haha hope some of ya"ll can make it. s/o to mae,krisis,abom,nik,sav,skrilla! watever ya"ll doin tonight. DO THAT SHYT.


Coffee Time...sips...

morning everyone..theres plenty action happening this month, if you diddnt know.The Gonzo facebook page contains this info. In the meantime,we have juggalo's and wierdos coming up haha...an obvious vision had was indeed that these two groups would appear somehow together in performance matrimony[[laughs at the word selection there]] Gonzo Fam....Blue Nose...whattup. Days later....after the jan 11 thing....the IlluMAEnati project was let go and never thought of again for that day.Among other things, lets just say it felt good to release my most personal joint yet.Not entierly made for ''the people" but Ive ended up having the confidence to give it and not have any regrets or second thought, Toa's like ''yeah..take steps back while moving forward!".."" keep..Doing..without trying!" ''Do it!''

sorry yall, in the midst of being the manifestation of the Tao...I was hurled in opposing places elsewhere..a half visual fog, but to where i could still see the outline of my drawn goals..there to grasp.

Wheew! look at that..the coffee pots done..time to get busy on the cup and the ciggarette..Cheer's!!


Sunday Morning

currently listening to both sunny days and the isley brothers at the same time [ impressive huh? ] Yesterday was a sweet change of pace for the family...2 videos were shot, laughs were had, overall just a big reunion. I [Mae] am hardly ever with the family due to either location or car troubles..choose one haha. yesterday fixed that though. whats for today? more studio work, more whatever the hell we want to do maybe? My birthday is jan 11, my cover painting is nearly finished, and 2 specific gonzo's need to gimme thier music/verses for total completion of illuMAEnati. Ive heard through the vine of grapes that my sound quality isnt up to par..mine specifically.well...lemme elaborate on my deep rooted philosophies on non-prefection..wait!...hold on...dont black out too much Mae.....o..ok..lets see, mae in particular isnt concerned with the thought of being signed. The quality represents dedication towards skill and not sound unless the sound is purposely tweaked to help the effect of skill....make sense [prolly not] to make things easy...ive heard wack shit that ''sounded'' great and ive heard great shit that sounded ''shitty'' Perfection may only be reached in godlyness, and my music is by no means 'holy'. to be rude...how bout folks just train their ears to listen to lyrics instead of letting a music hiss or pop get to them. i quote jean-michael when he said the mistakes and flaws draw people closer to them...I guess out here it dosent though...the ? is...Does Mae really have to get Dre quality to be percieved a threat? ummm....lets hope you know that answer..

Coffee Time! -Mae-

Holy Buckets...Rukus?

[looks around] ok..no ones here...Hello there reader! Glad to see that you came to planet Gonzo! On this planet you will find every thing suitable for surviving on your current earth.Look at this place as a place that can cure many mishaps through audio stimulus, we've got it all...well not yet, but those will be uploaded shortly. I will be one of the designated bloggers here, due to my natural habit of freewriting. My governement name is Michael but just call me Mae. My place/role that I play is a needed unorthodox for this family, one of the many puzzling pieces to a 3D monster we call Gonzo Family. Anywhoo, keeping it short for the first time round, look to this blog as a written documentary of our random. In the future, you will find descriptive details of shows,all the way to random things written about a ''day in the life'' with the fam. Many moves are being made right now and you currently have the privlege to watch a group of talented wierdo's [inside joke] blossom into something right before your eyes. You dont wanna be the one to say you missed it, trust us! -Mae-