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Broken (New Song)

I'm uploading a new song... It was produced at ShagBo Records, A division of Horny Duck Music Group... my companies, funny names I know, it's a long story! :) Anyway, the song is a very rough draft. It was recorded with a stage mic since I don't have a studio condenser mic for the studio yet. Still not completely done with all the mixing, but just wanted to post it and let everyone hear what it sounds like. It's a song that I wrote a long time ago, about a guy who finds out he's been cheated on. The song has a dark feel to it, which is precisely what I was aiming for. When writing, I pictured a guy who's been sitting alone in the dark all night after his girlfriend/wife broke the news to him. It's nearly sunrise, and these are the thoughts going through his mind. Again, hope you enjoy the rough draft, I will be posting a new and better version once I finish the studio and become a better producer/engineer.

'Til next time, later!

First Blog

Welcome to my first blog! I started a blog on Tumblr a while back as well, but haven't kept up with it... probably won't keep up with this one either but it's worth a shot! I hope everyone enjoys the music that I've uploaded. Be sure to check me out everywhere online: www.bodeanadams.com www.myspace.com/bodeanadams www.facebook.com/bodeanadamsmusic www.youtube.com/bodeanadams

Also, be sure to buy my single on iTunes, "I Don't Want To" for only 99 cents. Look for a full album to be released digitally this year! Lots of exciting things happening!