Time out

Sometimes it´s good to take a break - we all know and need that. And sometimes we´re knocked out to get a time out... In both cases -the first is the better part of course- time to contemplate and to recharge the physical, mental and spiriitual batteries. And after: Ready to rock `n roll again by God´s grace! ;) "God gave Rock `n Roll ...to everyone..." Stay all fatally blessed! I´m knocked out for now looking forward to getting back , first on my knees, then to my feet.... ;)

Taking a break at Event Café

Instead of rocking the Gospel-Rock jam at the Event Café tonight we are going to meet and play with our long time unseen musician buddies at the Blues Garage! Will be a faaat blessing!!! That´s what I wish you too! facebook.com/rockrollpreacher

Thank you for your overwhelming support, dear friends, bros., sisters....

...today it was the first time after a (longer) while could check the site personally and noticed some questions I didn´t see before. So, first of all I have to apologize for the delay! IF YOU LIKE TO KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME OR GET CONNECTED YOU´LL EASIER FIND ME ON facebook.com/rockrollpreacher I´M GLAD IF WE CAN TALK, WRITE, MEET. I´M ONLY RARELY ABLE TO BE PERSONALLY PRESENT HERE ON THE PAGE! HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU! MEANWHILE KEEP ROCKIN´AND BE ALL FAAATLY BLESSED!!! YOURS, V-MICHAEL, RRP, BERLIN! :)

Nice surprise!

Lately after rockin´some venues I didn´t only receive a request for online live stream concerts from Munich but only today 4 new concert requests with my A-MEN! ROCK & ROLL PREACHER and the A-MEN are all virtuos Rock-, Soul- and Blues-legends: V-Michael MAD G. (D)., lead voc., guit., harm, songwriting, preachin´ Pete Black, legendary "Bank" and RRP lead guitarist and Rock star from PL ; Fritz KICK ASS Lucht (D) , guit., b., el. stomp box, voc., already as a teenager filling and rockin´big halls in GDR. Still one of the best Dobro/Lapsteel players in Europe; Mike Mega Watts (USA, Virginia Beach), played with many of the great too; OMM Dicarlo (USA, N.Y.C.) , Formerly Petty Labelle, Weather Girls drummer and oustanding producer!

Egotrips and blessings!

It´s funny, before I was called for help and prayers etc. many times on this site and on fb - I took the time to care whenever possible- and when I still had more time to spend here I wrote backpersonal messages, "liked" (on fb) and thanked thousands of so called fans. If only half of them had liked us too we´d have thousands of likes more on fb too. Hm, makes me think.... On the other hand I found real bros., srs. and friendship among our fellow musicians! So stay ALL faaatly blessed, even the ego trippers among us,.... because God let´s the sun shine on the good and on the (still) evil! :) www.facebook.com/rockrollpreacher

Thaaaank you!!!

I´m overwhelmed after almost a year here on reverbnation. We have 3x position #1 with different genres of music but one message: God´s love in the middle of a normal sometimes messed up life! Thank you so much for all your support! Lots of fat blessings to all our great collegues and friends world wide who are performing cool stuff! YOU are a gift to me and to the world! I´d love to stay in touch! And if you ever should happen to drop by in Berlin, my heart and doors are open! Friends of mine know already: I mean it! I´v e got Michael, the Glitterking (global player artist) here, Thalia from Nice, Debora from Sao Paolo, Peppe from Rome and my little doggy Kara from Turkey. As long as we have left a little space.... - God gave it- I share it! :))

Our Daddy up in heaven can turn s.... into gold

...(freely according to Romans 8,28 in the New Testament) Means: I and maybe some other bros. and sis. on the planet messed up things in a (very little loving) way that hurt themselves or others but HE can turn even the worst and evil things into something to turn out in a good and loving way - if we are willing to cooperate and not block his love. It´s a new chance for a new life every single day ..... and much better than giving up or throwing away our lives , isn´t it? (Know what I´m talking about - hurt some people unwillingly and lost the love of my life etc. pp) But it was "amazing grace" that "saved a wretch like me..." (John Newton a former slave trader wrote these words long time ago) keeping up and trying to share thru and in my music at least a little of what I was given from "above"....

Rock & Roll Preachin´

God bless our mess!