The Winchester Sound / Blog

New Recording!

Just spent the weekend at the amazing Fullerton Recording Studio recording some new jams! Can't wait to share 'em with everyone!

New Talent!

Thrilled to be playing with some amazing new musicians! Ryan Engleman: drums Steve Howe: bass Zach Biggus: guitar

Michigan Show!

Very excited to add Downtown Main Martini Bar and Grill (Brighton, MI) to our upcoming shows on July 21st! We'll also be back at Untitled on July 31st. Come hang!


Pumped to add Untitled to our 2013 lineup! Feb 23rd we'll be back at this awesome speakeasy style bar/restaurant. This place is super cool (and the music isn't bad, either!) come check it!


We are taking a much needed break during the month of November. We'll be back in December and it's gonna get real tasty.


1st blog ever! Mmm Hmm just chillin, gettin some costumes ready for Saturday night:) Untitled tomorrow - so pumped!