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I've Got Shows In Different Area Codes Coming to you live and solo:

November 20th New York City Rockwood Music Hall 9:00 Apparently, its a free show so you can't buy tix. Just show up and be over 21 at the same time. sweet.

November 23 Toronto, ONT The Supermarket 10:45 I know it seems late for a Monday, but that's how we gotta roll. I don't really like the cold, but you don't see me complaining do ya? I'm pretty sure tix are 10.00 and available at the door only. Bring 10.00 and be able to prove you're at least 19 years old. sweet.

December 21 Los Angeles, CA Molly Malones 8pm I'll be splitting the hour with the incredibly talented Steven McMorran. (which means I have to be ready to BRING IT. He's pretty serious up there) Tix are 10.00 and you gotta be 21. sweet.

December 23 Atlanta, GA Smith's Olde Bar 8pm It's actually billed "An Intimate Evening-Cabaret Seating" , which I think means we have to kiss and I have to wear a bustier or something. I'll do some research and get back to you. Tix are 20.00. Limited seats, as I can only kiss so many people with the H1N1 thing going around, you know. 21 and over please. (home) sweet. (home)

Oh. Almost forgot. A bunch of folks have been asking if I'd be playing with John Mayer on his upcoming tour. I'll be there. Same side. New gear.

Love is what I've got. David