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Portal album

Portal album is a collection of Akasa's original songs collaborated with Prince's keyboardist Morris Hayes, UK producer Nick Michaels, Shenkar and more. This album was rated #14 on the leading international chart ZMR Top 100 airplay in December 2013.

Ethereal Stones

Ethereal Stones is a symbol for the union of heaven and earth. I use Ethereal Stones for the title of my newly released album to express my intention of integrating the energies from the above with the below. As you listen to the first track in this album, "Soul Flight", you will have a taste of the ethereal realm. Then come down to the earth to experience the intensity of "Ancient Fire" where a sonic quest exploring the journey of understanding the mystery of life's suffering..moving through the intensity of dark emotions and discovering the possibility of healing and transformation. The movements of my soul can only be described by the language of my soul. That sounds like an ancient language, yet the vocalizations go into the depth of my personal and collective psyche and cosmos to seek an answer and deeper realization. The Ethereal Stones are in you, alive, potent, powerful, and they maybe hidden from your conscious self. However, the journey to discover the Ethereal Stones in you is equivalent to a hero's journey to find the Holy Grail. These symbols carry the similar implication and to be discovered treasures, all lie deep inside of your soul. I offer the album Ethereal Stones for your luminous adventure, from darkness to light and infinite joy and creativity! Ethereal Stones album is available for download at iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ethereal-stones/id606707641

A Journey from Darkness to Light

Our human journey eternally faces the energies from polarity: dark & light, suffering & happiness, stillness & movements, Yin & Yang, Feminine & Masculine.....Most of my musical process contains a journey of expressing the personal and collective suffering/darkness and the transformational process of the darkness. It is an offering to the above (heaven), below (earth) and here and now (humanity). My new released album "Ethereal Stones" symbolizes the possibility of the union of the opposite within our Self, and ultimately the union of heaven and earth in us. As we begin to see the radiance hidden in our suffering, we regain our power to our life, not the power to change the others or the situation but the power to respond to any difficult situation in life. As our perception changes, our experience will change to mirror our inner growth. I salute to all of you for your courage to take this amazing yet sometime painful human journey!!