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Awesome space available for shows, venues, gallery openings etc.

$750.00 for 4000ft² This price is for a one day or night event. You can set up as early as 6 a.m. and have the space until 2 a.m./clean up til 3 a.m. Anyone interested in getting a great deal on an awesome space will want to take advantage of this offer. The Producer's Loft can be turned into an office area, gallery space, production venue, used to teach classes or anything else you can imagine that is in good taste and/or legal.

This lofty 4,000 sq. ft. property can be rented for an event, grand opening or themed party. It comes equipped with a stage, outdoor smoking patio and ample parking for your students or guests.

If you require a smaller space, we can section off a 400 sq foot area for $300 a Month!!! That is one of the best deals in all of Los Angeles. We will work with you to get you the space you need and can afford. All monies received include a non-refundable cleaning fee. Available now for daily, weekly or monthly rental. Monthly rentals will have 24/7 access to their space. Closed to the public by 2 a.m. No monthly contract. No Raves or After Hour Parties. Not to be used as a living space. 310-463-8546 Cindy

The Naked Lounge

Thanks again to Red Union Blue for asking us to share the stage with them. They have some wonderful songs, awesome vocals and well rounded band. We were also very fortunate in performing after an amazing performance by The MMM's Band, wow! Still recording and will post more venues soon...peace to all...remember who you REALLY are......a divine being!

Sugarplum's next event

Sugarplum will begin recording soon and in the meantime a few gigs in between.... Big Jimmy & the New Deal invited us, as a duet, to share a stage with them at The Naked Lounge on November 15, 2012, 10 p.m. til..... I am really looking forward to playing this venue with them.

The duet of Cynthia Silverman & Tom Radcliff....(band members are ever changing depending on who is available to jam with us as part of Sugarplum) will be performing all original, acoustic music........stay tuned for more updates...


Sugarplum will begin recording all of our original music this Monday, September 24th......we hope to have this project finished within a few months... I will post new photos, upcoming events, blogs and more every week or so! Follow your Bliss!


Hey friends, family and fans.....we have the site up and running with lots of photos...were are currently working on our 3 song demo as well as a 10 song CD.....leave a message or comment if you'd like....thanks to all our supporters!!!


Hey everyone! Sugarplum will have a website up and running soon. It is currently under construction. We look forward to posting photos, videos and music.... I will let everyone know when it is officially up and running....

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Another Thursday singing down on the streets of Santa Cruz....i made 100 valentine hearts with affirmations on them...our pastor handed then out to the street people...most people accepted them with a smile...got free coffee and a new pair of warm socks! God Bless us all! Happy Valentine's Day and let's love each other!

Thursday February 2, 2012

I had some very interesting activity on my site yesterday......I gained 20 fans from all across this nation and worldwide....how fun it is to then ck out the people who have fanned me..... in the meantime Grr gave a demo tape to a promoter with songs from him, Tom and I....everyday it is good to do as much as possible to be prepared for our future gigs...we are all committed to making something special and real happen....this is the true Age of Aquarius and people are wanting or needing to hear messages of hope and love in music as they did in the 60's love to all, be kind

Wednesday February 1, 2010

I checked out the opportunity page and sent a free submission of my song "I Still Miss You" to the Indie Music Channel/The Radio Cafe.....we'll see if I get any positive results from that... I will try to keep up on these types of free submissions just to see the results.... 2nd wk of Reverbnation/up to #170 for local rankings....with 18 fans Rehearsing Grr & Tom songs as well as my own I will be playing out on the streets of Santa Cruz tomorrow for the street revival I try to go down and participate Thursdays from 3-6pm Kindness!

Monday January 30, 2012

Set up my reverbnation account last week....i started at #260 which is pretty good as it includes the whole metropolitan Los Angeles area. Singer/songwriters from Malibu, The Valley and downtown to the southernmost beaches. This is an experiment and I already realize what a great tool it is to have Reverbnation as a way to showcase songs and videos. An easy and efficient way to get people to hear your music. We got good feedback on all of our songs so far. George Richardson, Tom Radcliffe and I, Cindy Silverman are trying to do a project together. In the meantime we are jamming everyday, recording and checking out some upcoming festivals and gigs. I hope to chronicle some of these events. Sending out love to all and let's try to help each other in all ways Peace

Cynthia Silverman
Cynthia Silverman  (over 5 years ago)

Tuesday January 31, 2012
After being online at Reverbnation I am now #173, have 18 fans, 78 listens and 60 visits.
I have been able to direct friends from FB, Twitter and MySpace to listen to my songs. Have a couple of leads to follow up on as soon as I get some needed info.....websites with grant $$$ for musicians? I was also told about how each city often has unclaimed grant money for community art projects....will post anything positive I find out