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Fall Möthra Updates

Hey kiddies! Been a minute since our last band update, so here's whats new. We had a great summer of shows, wrote new tunes, still have more in the works. We are getting ready to release a new Live CD called Dead Alive 2 recorded at the Machine Show. We lost Paul Remington as our drummer in August due to band disagreements and personal issues. We were fortunate to pick up Anthony Howell, our previous drummer. Since we've been back we've spread out a little more. Doing shows in Lansing, Saginaw, and Lapeer. Got some more shows lined up for the Fall season and working on more for the Winter. We have plans on finally recording an EP, but it may take a while. That's just about sums it up for now. Keep on eye out for us this Fall and Winter and Thrash Til' Death!!!!

Möthra Updates - July 2012

Hey Möthra fans. Been a few months since our last blog update so here's what's new in Möthra. On top of our brand new set list including the songs Deathstrange, I'm Your Enemy, Black Fortress, FYWAM, and Razed By Wolves. We just finished a new one called Hack and Thrash, and about half done on a brand new one which doesn't have a title yet. We've played a hell of a lot of shows since our 2012 return in February. Some good and some bad, but we still tore it up. Things are starting to slow down and we are trying to start on a 5 song demo. As far as the old songs go, we just finished reworking Shadow Over Innsmouth. Only 4 originals remain to be gone back over so we can play them for you again. Next one up is Decayed Part 1. Had a lot of people ask me about that one, so we will be working diligently to get it ready for your earholes in the coming months. Gonna be playing Mittenfest this August with a lot of great bands. Michigan Metals first outdoor festival. We are stoked. That's about all the updates we have for now. Thrash Til Death!

Möthra Updates Feb - March 2012

Hey Möthra fans! Just wanted to fill everyone in on what we've been doing since our last update. Got the new set pretty solid and had our first gig back and it rocked! Anyone who missed it lucked out. Next show is March 17th at the CRB and then the 31st at Uli's in Lansing. We started working on a few covers because we've never really had any since the beginning of the band. Gonna start working on some of the old tunes we didn't get to yet and maybe hash out some more new ones. Also, we would like to welcome June Hudson to the Möthra team. She's our official photographer and she takes fucking amazing pic of us thrashing. Show her some love. Well that about wraps it up for now. Be sure to keep checking up on the pages for more updates as far as Vids, Photos, Merch, so on.

Möthra progress update Jan 2012

We've been busting our asses off to finish our new setlist! We are a stones throw away from completion and our glorious return to the stage after on almost crippling year long hiatus. Expect show dates to start popping up very soon. Also, we are pleased to announce that we are gonna start work on our first studio quality demo which we are shooting for release this Summer or sooner. Big things are happening for us this year and we are glad you all stuck with us through the hard times. You will not be disappointed.