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New song, "Gone Are The Days"

So we've been working on this badass new song that Steve wrote with the help of the band, called "Gone Are The Days." It's the danciest song we've ever written, that's for sure, and it's apparently about a 50-something middle-aged man who realizes he's been faking his whole life and needs to fix his empty shell of a life. Uplifting, right? It sort of has that Passion Pitstyle, not musically, but in that it has the dichotomy of depressing lyrics and uplifting, dancey music. Dancing is a great way to get un-depressed, so I guess it makes sense. We'll have the market cornered on depressed middle aged men after this one hits the streets that's for sure. Especially after the impending mega-recession hits. That's when Stoplight Jones will be traveling, singing the news for any food the local people can spare!