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Ok its time for... Dubstep. What?

Its everywhere! Loved and hated. Such strong opposing oppinions about yet another genre of music. So much so that I had to see what all the fuss was about. Well, I honestly like the concept (Dub combined with 2-step/DnB/garage etc) and have found some very enjoyable and challenging listens. Sure, there is a lot of Massive made wub-wub crap posted by everybody and thier dog. Take a slow song, filter, cut and splice it between sections of dirty lfo driven wobble bass. Make sure you have that 1/2 time drum line and done. Not all is like this. I find great Dubstep to be intelligent as I found psytrance to be in years past.

My appreciation for the production and skill it takes to make a truly moving "WTF happened there and now its beatiful" track is high indeed. As a person that aspires to make quality electronic music I know the level of control, attention to detail and craft needed to do this (same with the psytrance - lots of work). So, I'm a gonna try it out and write about my efforts and learning here. Hope you get something from it too :)