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Rottstar Contest

Congrats to the winner and everyone who participated. You guys are awesome ^^ You may even get in the video ;)

Rockstar Contest 15/05/2011

Ok here goes, remember the 2001 movie Rockstar with Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston? Hmm? Well if not, it was about a fan who became the lead singer of the band he was into. In honor of Darcy's birthday (one of Rott's mascots), we are giving you a shot at being famous. Female singers only. Between the ages of 18-37 preferably.

Submit an mp3 of you singing "Bring Me the Flame" and one of your other favorite female-fronted rock songs hopefully gothic genre ^^ to us at dan@rottband.com. The winner will get a call from me from Germany and be featured on the new single. Who knows what else ;) I will ask for numbers later.

Contest ends June 8th. Have fun rottstars. Good luck and remember to smile! Love and light, †danny†

Rott "Rottober" Halloween contest 27/10/2009

Ok so whoever sends in the coolest way they promote us, whether it is sending out bulletins, a nice review on iTunes, a picture of you holding the Rott logo, a Rott carved pumpkin, tattoo, wearing a shirt somewhere cool, signing people up on our Eventful, ect. You get the idea. Well you will win a limited edition Digi-Pak CD, guitar pick, Rott decals and the best of all a free download of "Bring Me the Flame" which will not be released on the new CD. You will need to have an email to send it to. So get creative and have fun! The winner will be featured as number one on our top friends list for one month and will be announced on Halloween night. Also second place will get an "old school" Rott logo T which are no longer produced and highly collectable. It's all about you guys. Tell your friends and remember to be safe and keep it clean please.