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New songs!!!

Wow, just when I think it's time to take a rest, inspiration hits me!!! Guess that's a good thing ! Would be so awesome to collaborate with others - get their input and their voices and their instruments in the mix..........

Jael  (almost 3 years ago)

ok. how can i help?

Linda Achtymichuk
Linda Achtymichuk  (almost 3 years ago)

Not too sure lol, with the distance physically between us! I just watched the video by Danter you have posted and that's the idea I have in mind for Pushing Back the Darkness.. I have just the intro recorded and posted with the strong lead guitar and taking out the piano & only leaving the synth. I can already hear the revised vocals for it as the tempo / phrasing is somewhat changed with the guitar in and piano out. …. Any ideas on how to collaborate over the distance?? I used Garageband which can be drop boxed to another Apple user. Your ideas?