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New Line up

I decided to lay down the rehearsals with my band at Rjukan, and have found new members closer to home now. The new Line up, is as follows: Kent Grepperud-Lead Guitar Frode Grepperud- Acoustic Guitar and Keys Hans Arild Haugen-Bass Tom Christian Tverbakk-Drums Pics will follow later.

Change in line up

I'm sad to announce my drummer, Jørgen, has decided to leave GreppGuitar, for personal reasons. I really appreciate everything he has done to my songs, and wish him all the best for future plans. Jørgen will still be doing the drums, and also some bass, on my first album. A new drummer is hired, and will be announced in a few days.

GreppGuitar on Canadian radio Euphonious

It has been a few good promotion days, I must say. A couple of new fans on RN and FB, and the Canadian radio station Euphonius playing two of my songs tonight...... Awesome. Thanks for your support. Cheers from Kent


GreppGuitar is looking forward to this year's first rehearsal the forthcoming weekend. New songs will be added to our setlist. Cheers!

New Homepage

Cheers! Please check out my new homepage: http://greppguitar.wix.com/greppguitar

Best regarrds Kent