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Storm Watch Update: June 14th Show, New Crew, Best Radio and Google Play!

Storm Watch Updates - Show Fri June 14th Santa Cruz, New Best Radio Podcast, New Crew & Google Play! http://rvrb.fm/11N7XwK

Santa Cruz Public Library's 3rd Annual Battle of the Bands!

For you rockin' teenagers (or if you know one) the Santa Cruz Public Library's 3rd Annual Teen Battle of the Bands will be Saturday, July 23, 1-4:30, in the parking lot by the Downtown Library. I will be a judge again this year.

The deadline for entry has been extended until July 7th. Play in front of hundreds of people! Win recording time!  Support summer reading and the Library!

Forms and instructions:  http://www.santacruzpl.org/teens/places/botb/

Pandora Rejection Letter

Hi Stormy,

Please accept my apologies for that last email. I read over it a little quickly and didn't realize that you'd already submitted to Pandora.

I looked up your submission and it looks like we decided to pass on your submission.

We see an enormous (and always growing) amount of music, and the task of selecting music is made even harder by the limits on our capacity for adding music. Every song selected is manually analyzed by a trained musician along up to 400 distinct musical attributes, a process that can take anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours per song. So, while we feel a great affection and respect for everyone who makes the choice to create music, the reality is that the majority of the music we receive does not get selected.

When it comes to adding new music to our collection, we try to balance a fair, knowledgeable evaluation of the music's value to our collection with what we know and can predict about the interests of our listeners and the current state of Pandora stations. Our evaluation of the quality of the music plays a central role, but we only make a purely aesthetic decision if there is nothing else to go on. In addition to our own evaluation, we consider the level of existing audience, our collection needs and our sense of the impact each song will have on our playlist quality and diversity.

In genres where we already have a large collection to draw upon - most of it by independent, unsigned artists - a submission from an independent artist must be uniquely compelling to be accepted.

Thanks again for submitting your music to Pandora, and please feel free to send future releases to us for consideration.


Ryan Listener Advocate @ Pandora ryanb@pandora.com

September 10th Damage Report is up!

September 10th Damage Report is up!


Currently scheduling recording new material with record producer Tim Narducci

The Damage Report:

Currently scheduling recording new material with record producer Tim Narducci

Click here for full story!!!

Thank you for your support!

Stormy and Crew

"Sail Away" now featured on The Mothpod podcast #197!

"Sail Away" now featured on The Mothpod podcast #197!!

Thank you Mothman!


Our song "She" on the Mothpod Podcast #193

Our song "She" featured on the Mothpod podcast #193

Thank you to "The Mothman" aka Zack!

Stormy Strong's "She" on Mothpod #193


ps: Hello to all you Mothmaniacs!

The NEW Stormy Strong lineup

I would like to formally announce the Lineup:

- Tai Ma (aka Crushed N. Slayedher), SC Roller Derby Coach of The Hell Cats on Guitar

- Doug Polhamius, Notorious Dragon Slayer on Bass

- Chen Dubrin, Multi-Talented Instrumentalist on Drums.

Please welcome THE Crew aboard! I am very excited to share what we are bringing forces together to create. New band pics coming soon!


New Show Saturday August 21st @ The Poet and The Patriot - Santa Cruz

New Show Sat August 21st at The Poet and The Patriot!

Come LISTEN to GREAT songs...

SEE new CELEBRITY band members...

BUMP elbows with SC Derby Girls...

EVERYONE will be there! FREE!


We hope to see you there! Show starts at 9:30pm and there is No Cover. 21+

New Street Team mission with Prizes: Operation Tear Drop


There is a new mission available for Street Team members!

Operation Tear Drop

Operation Tear Drop challenges street team members to infiltrate with our music far and wide, the top member getting a free t-shirt and secret demo song and runners up will receive access to a never before heard live performance.

Please become a fan and street member today and start fighting the good fight!

thank you for your support! Stormy and Crew