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Why the artist information removed from the MP3s

Why the artist information removed from the MP3s during or after uploading to the reverbnation site, how will BMI, ASCAP and SESAC track with artist information being removed ?

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Sick and Twisted

They learn your on-line habits and then use them to control you....What the &% is going on.? Can anyone tell me whats the deal with on-line music everyone is telling me to move off-line and back to CDs because the ISPs are going to use this as a control device to get information about you it appears stilling your information and tracking you is how the few fill they control the mass but in the end it will cost the artise millions in sales, but not music indis because they will get a cut off the information theft deal...don't depend on the agent he will most def be on the take. This so stupid it can't be true . or is it ?

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Backyard Q

I am enjoying the new MySpace, I was just thinking that MySpace, Reverbnation and Last. Fm, remind me of that cool back yard BBQ that you sometimes have with professional friends , you know everybody is feeling the vibe having a beer or some paper cup delight out the trunk of the coolest car on the lawn, listening to some new tracks eating that good stack with your hands because it taste better that why,,, Than that guy shows up . you know that guy, the one that has always done what you have done but better. you that guy that is always talking about how big he is doing it, you know that guy that knows that he is going down fast because he never came up real, you know that guy that is always trying to meet your friends because he has no real life friends of his own, you know that guy that if you do introduce him to your friends he will later try to turn them against you, you know that Facebook guy

I really dislike that guy

Don’t be evil

Some are just weak ,,, but in the end evil consumes them, that is why you should have a "Don’t be evil“ policy, stand for something and stick to your guns be a leader like Google...


It's awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same out of date rehashed information.

I Floss Alot (aka) I use Linux

(Free Libre Open Source Software) FLOSS. PC's have actually been powerful enough for Multitrack Audio and DVD Video Editing since the late 1990's but with the latest Operating Systems wasting precious CPU and RAM on superficial eye candy many potentially productive computers end up being relegated to closets, basements, garages and even worse to garbage dumps and landfills. The chilling legacy of our "disposable" societal mindset is already evident in so-called "tech dumps" in rural China and many other places intentionally well hidden from the comforts of the developed world.