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AT&? has a new way of making sure you don't get what you pay for. After a year of testing and documenting activities, soon to be released I found that AT&? was in fact throttling my DSL and broadband accounts. You may say this is old news, but wait. What you may not know is that AT&? has now taken a page from the wireless coffee-house hacker tactics .

Your modem will show the proper up and down speeds when you conduct a speed test or call the AT&? Help Desk, you may ask how and why are they doing this? (How ?) AT&? is now using wireless devices such as routers, phones and access points configured as rouge devices to throttled your wireless speeds and get unauthorized information that you have otherwise opted out of or choose not to allow, they are collecting it anyway.

Most of us use wireless devices exclusively and seldom attach directly to a router, switch or modem so few notice.

At the end to the day AT&? is slowing your speeds, scanning your computers and devices without your permission and making sure that it will not show up with a on-line modem speed test.

They will claim that the throttling and data scanning is the result of a Net-Bot or virus, but my test prove that it is AT&? systems mimicking the Net-Bot or Zombie (Why?) Profits, they resell your data and speeds for profit.

Did we really think that a few small civil suites filed in small a claims court was going to stop the AT&? coulture of theft?

We need to send a big message to AT&? and that message should come in the form of noticeable cash award befitting a serial crooks actions that needs rehabilitating.



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Sorry did not relize the reverb site was still broken

Here is the links ,, full links may not work on the broken site here you may need to cut and past the URL.. http://okmulgee.com/studio/?q=content/track/ http://www.ourstage.com/media_items/SDBGZULANYUG-new-bx#/

Starting my Bx Beats

♫ NEW 599-333bx - @OurStage ( http://www.ourstage.com/t/SDBGZULANYUG?u=4bcaee )

I like the way it sounds here

♫ Awiz Beat - @OurStage ( http://www.ourstage.com/t/UETXUNGYJJYJ )



Why is the artist information removed from the uploaded MP3s

Why is the year and artist information removed from the MP3s during or after uploading to the reverbnation site, how will BMI, ASCAP and SESAC track with artist information being removed


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