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I Just Didn't Know

Initially when I Joined ReverbNation, I Didn't have a clue about social media, nor did I understand just what ReverbNation was really about; all I wanted to do was to try something, maybe have someone listen to my songs. I Just Didn't Know what to expect, I'm beginning to come around, with the understanding that I am better than I imagined, and I've had really great musicians fan me and shared some really great music, I love and appreciate my fans for their work ethics, I'm still trying to put things into perspective, so that I may continue to be an inspiration to others, and take advantage of the opportunities presented through ReverbNation. which to my surprise are much more than I truly expected, Thanks to ReverbNation and all of the Artist on board Big Ups!!.

Great Music

I've listen to some pretty dam good music over the last few months on ReverbNation, I am not a radio listener; I can't tell you who's hot out there now, But I, for one am calling for a change in radio format and rotation change. All of the Artist on ReverbNation can cause this change, Keep doing your brand of music for the Masses.