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Music is said to be the language of the soul and it can certainly take me to a totally different space and time - totally relaxed and free. Stories help us connect with one another as we find things we can relate to in each others stories. And humour, well it just makes us feel so good - all our worries, cares, everything just drifts away and we are truly present in the moment when we laugh. I experienced all of these last night when I attended the Connie Kaldor concert at The Grand Theatre in Indian Head. Shane Bellegarde opened for Connie and set the stage with his story-songs. Beautiful stories and awesome singing helped me to forget about anything else going on in my life and to just be in the moment, caught up in these true-life stories, carried away by the music. Then came Connie Kaldor, her husband and son. I haven't laughed so hard or so much in a while. Her humourous stories set the stage for each song. The blending of the voices and the sweet sounds of the instruments, violin especially, almost made me catch my breath at times. This music, stories, and humour definitely fed my soul and took me to a better place - a place of deep peace and contentment. My question is why don't I do things like this more often? Why don't others do this more often? Sometimes I think I'm too busy, but I've come to discover that everything gets done much more quickly and with much more ease, if I do take time out to feed my soul. I can then work from that place of deep peace within and everything just seems to come out better! So let's all take more time to feed our souls and get into the flow of life!!! Joan Tessier Life's Healing Connections

to be read aloud to those within earshot

The Snake Oil Salesmen grew up in the small towns and First Nations of Southern Saskatchewan, each band member coming from long lines of storytellers, musicians and healers. They had traveled their own paths, chasing adventure, all while walking that same line between country and rock and roll, partying in those crowded kitchens where Johnny Cash was played along side Guns and Roses. They settled in The Queen City (Regina) and lay roots as tradesmen, paying with their backs, the cost of living. Life went on this way, and might have forever, had it not been for the blues. Each of the future Salesmen found the blues in it’s most potent; drop you to the floor hues. Loss and pain aren’t too easy to explain and each case was unique but they found common relief in sobbing their stories, screaming their tales and finally singing their songs from whichever part of them hurt the most. Realizing that some strange combination of emotion and song had briefly cured what ailed them, they craved more. The Snake Oil Salesmen drank deep the elixir of music and found one another at the bottom of the bottle. Since Feb 2011, The Snake Oil Salesmen have been sharing their remedy in saloons, taverns, shindigs, barns, bars and bedrooms, developing their potency and flavor along the way. They will be leaving Regina in June with a 10 song album and a powerful stage show that will lift the souls of the down-trodden and relieve the worries of the listener if only for a night… or until they play the cd they just bought. ;)

The Salesmen Hit The Studio

Together almost 2 years, we've had the opportunity to play, jam and rock out 'til we pass out at least once a week. All the while, honing our craft so that we can deliver our own unique brand of remedy. A healing music that we've come to rely on as we've each dealt with our own loss and pain. We've been there for one another and even through tears the music, songs and stories have given us relief.

We've been working very hard over the past few months to get tightened up for recording a studio album and today that part of our journey begins. We enter excited, focused and ready. Stay Healthy, get your daily dose of music!

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Great Summer/ New Drummer

We had the chance to play a lot of fun shows this summer. Thanks to everyone who has been tuning in and coming out shows. Much appreciated! Also thanks to our new drummer Val who rocks real hard and is getting us ready for recording. Hide your kids. Hide your wives.

Road Trip to Big River

We've been playing together for just over a year now and have been lucky to have landed a lot of fun gigs. We've played all over Regina (The German Club, The Fainting Goat, Bocados, O'Hanlons, The Gaslight Saloon, The Exchange, Scarth Street, The Regina Dragon Boat Festival) and have played shows in Indian Head, Wilcox, Kawakatoose as well as playing in living rooms and kitchens into the wee hours. Thanks to everyone who has listened, attended, shared, liked, posted or commented about anything Snake Oil related. We appreciate it and are growing because of it. Our next journey is taking us to Big River which is 230km NW of Saskatoon. It is there that we shall stuff all of our energy into a 30 minute set in an attempt to land a spot at Ness Creek Music Festival. If you hear whompin' and a whoopin'... that's just us riding into town!