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Early Tracks from Revolution Studio

All the tracks from the Revolution Studio sessions have been loaded onto our Mac Pro.

We also picked up a Dangerous D Box, and it sounds incredible. It's an analog summing box. Huge depth!!!

IMHO, the best tune was 'Happy Birthday to Me'. It's still too early and lots of work left to do.

Stay tuned. BL

If it's good enough for Neal....

Laying down some tracks at Revolutions studio this weekend...our drummer will be recorded by one of the engineers who worked with Neal Peart. Can you say, "sweeeeet"??!!

almost famous

Hey kids, almost finished our kick-arse new demo. Aiming to have it wrapped up by the end of the month. Soon after that, you can expect to hear a lot more of our music here. We're building a home studio to expedite the process of future recordings. Onward and rockward!

I have no feeling in the fingertips on my left hand

Have been practicing guitar almost daily...want to prove my teacher wrong about having to wait a year before going on stage with it. Scoped out accoustics yesterday. Leaning toward the Laravee.

the next chapter

Just finished laying down 3 new tunes at Big Room Studios in London. It was an amazing experience. Much luv for Darren Morrison, Archie Gamble and Brian Li. Stay tuned for Hey Lucy! kicked up a notch!

decisions decisions

My producer suggested I either learn some wicked dance moves or to play the guitar. Despite my lack of confidence to do either, I've opted for the later. I'm not so sure that my fingers agree with my decision...they're feelin' pretty ouchy. Do any of you guitarists out there have some tips for me?