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About us. "Repent for Betrayal"

Repent for Betrayal began in 2011. Adam Bintang Candrawan and Hendrikus Yoga Prasetyo meet Rizky Anyndia Arsyad and Firdaus Nuzula that make a musical project by bringing up the flow of metalcore. Consisting of lyrics based on the band's faith in God and positivity. With background music disparate, they combine into a single musical characteristic which build Repent for Betrayal today. Repent for Betrayal is an Indonesian Metal Core band formed in 2011 August 23. Originally based in Malang, East Java, the group has a total of 2 released song. With their two song entitled Forsaken Immortality (2011) and Deathmood (2012), with this work, our Metal Core music may be acceptable.

About the music work:

Forsaken Immortality ( 2011 ) was a song that tell the story about a man who worship the wrong god. So when he realize god didn't realize him, he start to be frustrated and curse the god. that's why in there's a phrase "where are you god when I need, why god you suicide"

Death Mood ( early 2012 - Forsaken Immortality Trilogy ) was a song that tell a story about a man that lost everything in his life, after he realize the god never realize him, he start to be so lost. Lost his mind and have no way to turning back. And he start to give up. and there's a phrase in this song "Even though I never be true, I'm waiting for - no matter God or demon - will let me be true "

Flakes ( Coming Soon - Forsaken Immortality Trilogy ) This song telling about that lost man finnaly find the light to the right way. But that's too soon. He must be so patient for his chance.