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We already have Spring Fever

We just played a gig at McGurks (St. Louis). We had a great time, enjoyed hanging out with all of our friends. We were also listening to Joe Stickley and Sean Canan play - those guys are awesome! Big thanks to them for continually inviting us to play with them - their music is awesome and we have a great time playing for them. Dori Walker, celtic dancer, gave everybody a treat by dancing with us. Nothing like bagpipes with the excitement of Scottish/Irish Dance - that was awesome.

Now we are looking forward to St. Patrick's Day! Not sure quite what our plans are yet. We know we will be playing at the Dogtown festivities - this is tradition that will live on forever. Nothing like the best St. Pats Parade out there!

We are also spring cleaning our tune list - setting up fresh sets, including new and exciting music, and also planning a few tunes that people should find extraordinarily entertaining to hear on a bagpipe - maybe we can get some more recordings up and give everyone something to get excited about for the spring/summer/fall music scene coming up!!! ...this will be epic - a lot of plans going down right now.

That's all for now - just a quick update on an exciting road ahead for the year.

We're looking forward to seeing you at gigs and online!!!

Cheers, Plaid To The Bone