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Aleii Joan / Blog

THUG LOVE Volume 2 Preview

From Cadillac way back+ w/ the gun z blown, blood flown, guts shown, Tag toe n.. No hoe n nary bard. Split n lix and hit n Hard. Nuttin change in nah regard - Cross the county or the country ..? am I still ya broad, Hood; when I slide thru kind do, wind loose - I just want to ride TRU! Will u blaze me, grace me, sip brew, bang Tex Music like a true playa do? Or will u be the same busted mark play n hard and selling out, talking wit a smirk when ma bac is turnt and act tin fraud.. Call in out the quiet ones to watch who?! Actions, deeds, see through ?where yo motives what they leave U.. Learn, let the truth observe you.. it be like ?w Had happen was.. [WAS 3rd Verse]

How to Pull a DJ

Broadcast services estimate over 32 million people Listen in on Radio .. [Enter] but Video Killt it.. Media Spillt it.. Mediocre thrills keep Hop-Heads hungry for some iLL sh!! Many tried the drill but they couldn't Ride the Real & though they tried to sit Still got bukt off the steer Some need they fellas bak em cuz they aCappellas nothin but a shallow outline a mere silhouette or gotta Pool they Resource talent thin as Stiletto is Evident within the Chose who born to Reign the instrumentals Gotta get out the ghetto got debt out the Earlobe Across the globe same song - better live fast n aint dying slow Money spent before you see yo chek cant afford to Hold to both your dignity and Self Respect may as well put one in the pawn shop and the other on Layaway better off hittin the Airways then waiting on better days..


Hard Times - Aleii Joan - 2ndVerse (Lyrics)

Am Blessed. Feeling no complaints in order Times are hard for everybody. Its time to grind Harder. You know the deal if u want to soar on wind then you.. have got.. to spread.. your wings! Aint no question why they sayn that Tex is d.Official cuz i am Vicious & am Lethal and i Always deliver. You would see the God in WE if i could Grant one wish yo, m i too much for em boys ? is that the issue Touch me and you will feel a Fighter Underground Riot - Silence the Alarm I walk thin line between dark and light Along the crescent of morning and night Knowledge is born. I am the dusk and the dawn the life giving Sun Heating the Earth from its core the Rally boy z tally i am the b boy score the Diamond grain of truth in (?w)ever Hill of hay you believe.. its Time to separate the wheat from the shaft i am the Sieve.