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New ROT song.....

Thx to Bruno of Norway's Nightwork Studios for a 2nd set of ears mastering ROT's "Serve & Protect." Now someone plz option the song for a TV theme!

6-18-14 radioshow playlist 9pmET @ leafpileradio.com

Sneak-peek at two new fall shows this Wed! Roughly planned schedule from 5pm ET to midnight ET: 1) DJ Scott HGRR 2-Hour METAL HISTORY _Techno--Shock--&--Punk Picks.mp3 2) Sco Fall 14, Ep 1.mp3 3) Sco Fall 14, Ep 2.mp3 4) Sco Fall 14, Ep 1.mp3 5) Sco Fall 14, Ep 2.mp3 6) Sco Ep 19, DECADE ESCAPADES Audio cuts, 30min.mp3 7) Sco Ep 20, HGRR folded artist salute, 30min.mp3


You won't find any beer soundtracks here. Nor will you need to weather through seven hygiene ads to watch a killer video. Shit has gotten so generic, the Metal category at Music Choice is gone, combined with Rock, and the sounds are so interchangeable that Creed sounds like Pink Floyd in comparison!

ROT EP "Coils"--release Feb 26, 2013

HGR Records/Alchemist Studios is excited to announce the new RITUAL OF TERROR cd release Feb 26th at The Heavy Metal Shop in SLC and also at the Testament/Overkill show. Big thanks to Merchhero for their Studio Partnership and discounts.

Bassist and asst. engineer Scott says of the cd: ROT cd-samples up soon at www.reverbnation.com/ritualofterror . Really digging the music, listened to about 4x this morning. Pieced together from different times and locations, it sounds a bit like it was recorded in 3 different studios, yet due to intensive mastering, the sounds now all go together--early Maiden/Motorhead/Misfits albums sounded like that. Specifically, "Idle" & "Serve" sound like the same studio, but different days: engineer Bryan Tully mixed the cymbals quieter on those to keep the many words Rick is saying clear, but then on Serve the kick is further down in the mix than the rest of the entire disc, letting the guitar riff dominate. And there the guitar is very roomy for an authentic live sound. "Coils" of course is its own retro-thing, then "Blissful" and "Purest" have the super-crisp vocals, bass, and drums, and the perfect Randy Rhoads/Toni Iommi studio-guitar tone.


Sneak-peek of some new RITUAL OF TERROR EP artwork at facebook.com/swwilcox


2012: An end and a beginning towards transcendence, but only as false utopias are exposed and dethroned..