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Over a few years life has put me through many changes, obstacles, and experiences to help develop a strong mind state. As an artist I am always adapting to my surroundings for my survival of relevance for the contribution of bringing content, and the truth back to music. It's been hard to maintain my focus after recent taste of success, but what can I say when something new hits you, there is always an adjusting period. The past few months I've seen, and had to adjust to the many changes soon to come. So while in preparation, all who listen to my music, and take time out to follow me step by step, I want to genuinely let you know, there will be no stop in me. In saying that, my entire mind state and lifestyle has changed, because this now who I am, and what was meant for me to become all along.

The Time is Hear!!

Okay so I'm very excited that I can officially state" that my Debut Mixtape is complete & and being mastered by channelfusemedia. This is very big news for me, because in earlier attempts something always ended up going wrong for me, but now things are just coming in lock piece by piece. On other topics, I kinda messed around with creating a Demo website so if your into giving some feedback before I actually buy a domain check this link out! http://jenkinsray15.wix.com/yung-shredda

The Start

Hey whats up it is Young Shredda and your right now looking at my Blog on Reverbnation. As you know I am quite young, which also means I have the time to really make it to the top. So everyone right now reading, or skimming threw all I ask is for support. My definition of support is not just you showing, but you know try to get other to do the aswell. Well my times up! but make sure to tune in time to time and support my movement, but also support other greats movements aswell and that all i ask, and for right now that all that is needed to know. Have a good one. Truthfully Yours, Young Shredda!