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New music for A Lonely Woman (or Man)


Just checking in to let you know the release of the movie A Lonely Woman will be available on Amazon March 23, 2018. We wrote a few songs for the movie and are very proud to be a part of this film. And yes, there will be a future movie soundtrack release. In the meantime if you want to hear some of the music, you can now hear most of the songs on iTunes. We have previously released a separate album under The Rachels called Aim for the Heart with most of the songs from the film. The official movie soundtrack will have a couple of additional tracks. Please buy or rent the movie on Amazon and stop by iTunes for a listen.

Thanks again for all your love and support, -Steven

Let's get Physical (CDs) at Nico's!

Just wanted to let you know we will be selling CDs of our new album Undiscovered this Saturday at Nico's. What's more unbelievable that we have new music or that we are back at Nico's? I don't know but come out anyway for a great musical time! Note: Remember CDs are limited so get your copy now.

Also we will be featured on the Reverbnation home page! We scored such a high musical rating that Reverbnation will be supporting us on their home page under Crowd Picks not only once but twice! We will be featured for the weeks starting December 6 and then on December 20. So, stop by for a listen!

Thanks again for all your love and support! -Steven

Let's get Physical...CDs!

Just stopping by to announce that our newish album Undiscovered is now available in a CD jacket! Yes, it is true. The album was originally released in digital form only back in February. But now Love Sick Dog Publishing has pried opened it's wallet to make Undiscovered available as a CD jacket for limited time. The first two opportunities to get your personally signed copy will be this week at Skeet's on Thursday October 6 and at The Concert Pub - Galleria on October 7. More dates will be added for sure but copies are limited so don't miss your chance to get one.

Also if you have not heard, we were given a great review by No More Division. They gave our Undiscovered album a 3.6 out of 5.00. If you want to read the review, you can view it here at http://www.nomoredivision.com/indie-music-album-reviews/steven-garcia-undiscovered There will be more reviews coming this week by Reverbnation and others (can't wait). So stay tuned!

As always share, like, retweet, and leave a comment for us at @stevegarcia21 on twitter and @stevegarcia21on facebook. Hear the entire album on Reverbnation, Soundcloud, and Sportify.

Thank you for all your support, -Steven

"Someday I'll be on the Big Screen"

I know what you are saying. " Stevie, get your head out of the clouds or your life will go to the dogs" (My life has already gone to the dogs...in a great way if you know my pets but I digress) Shortly, my music will be featured in two upcoming movies. As you might know I have had a previous opportunity to have a song called "I Can't Explained" placed in the 2008 feature film Noble Things. But now I would like to announce more music will be placed in two new movies this or early next year. The two movies are Bright Idea and A lonely Woman.

The first movie, Bright Idea, is written and directed by Ronn Head. I was asked to place two songs in the film as the title track, Bright Idea, and the love song called My Possession. The movie is filled with testosterone-fueled hi-jinks and unrequited love triangles, "Bright Ideas" takes you on a journey to leave change in the dust, and settle down into the familiar, lovable rut we call life.

A Lonely Woman is written and directed by Juven Cavazos. The movie is a modern day spaghetti western. There is a possibility that five original songs by "Moi" could be place in this great film.

I'm really looking forward to seeing these two great movie being released in the coming months. So, please stop by their websites and facebook pages to like and share.

Also don't forget to stop by iTunes and leave a comment for my latest album release, Undiscovered. Thanks again for all your Love and Support!! Steven @stevegarcia21 on twitter @stevegarcia21 on facebook

Alonelywoman.com brightideas.com https://www.facebook.com/Bright-Ideas-154680561252145/ https://www.facebook.com/alonelywomanmovie/

Seek and You Shall Find

Just checking in to let you know that my new album Undiscovered is now available for streaming on iTunes, Sportify, and many other music websites. In case you missed the news, the album was released in February of this year. The music is a throw back to 70's and 80's rock with great melodic song writing and a whole bunch of electric guitars. So if you are tired of hearing Alternative Metal, Aka Tool, Korn, and Stain. If you are tired of Industrial Rock, Aka Marilyn Manson. If you are tired of Post Grunge, Aka Nickleback and Creed. Or if you are tired of Rap Rock, Aka Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach, then stop by for a fresh listen to Undiscovered; an album that tips it's hat to the 70's and 80's with a modern twist and a powerful electric guitar sound. If you yearn for the days of Thin Lizzy, Reo Speedwagon and Rick Springfield. If you have an intense feeling of longing for music that you can't find anymore. If today's music has been lost or separated from your musical taste, then stop by for a listen on Soundcloud, Facebook, iTunes, Sportify, Amazon, Google play, 8 tracks, Shazam, Apple music, Tidal, Groove Music, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, emusic, Inprodicon, Yandex.music, Rara, GreatIndieMusic, Boinc, Guvera, Omiphone, Deezer, 7 digital, 24-7, Slacker, Tradebit, and Medianet.

Seek and you shall find or it will forever be Undiscovered.

"Steve, you sold out?" Not yet. but I'm on pre-sale!

Hello Everyone,

Our new album, Undiscovered, is now on pre-sale on iTunes. It was released Friday the 29th with the song 'Around' available for purchase. The full 12 song album will be released on February 26, 2016. But fear not if you think you won't be able to hear more of the album until then. You can find different tracks on different sites from Reverbnation to Soundclound to Jango. Most of the track can be heard on Myspace. (What, Myspace? Why Myspace? Who is in charge of promoting this album? Well, they do have cooler graphics now and music play is better than facebook. but I digress) . Regardless, stop and shop on itunes to rate and leave a comment. We really would appreciate your thoughts and comments (Good or Bad). Share it with your facebook friends and post on their wall (especially those friends who are always complaining about there never being any new good music and that music isn't what it used to be.) Tweet about it and tweet at us, We will tweet back. Let everyone know we are #bringingtherockback with a #undiscovered and #newmusic.

New Year, New Album!

Yes! It is true. We have teamed up with Love Sick Dog Publishing to release a brand new album for 2016. It's called Undiscovered and it has been called a throw-back album that tips it's hat to the 80s. And since it's a throw-back we will be uploading a track or two every Thursday for #TBT until the full release. So stop by for an exclusive listen on Reverbnation before the February release date of our 12 song album. Please make sure to re-tweet, like, and share our music with a #undiscovered #bringingtherockback. Tells us what you like @stevegarcia21 on twitter and facebook.com/stevegarcia21! And for God's sake turn on your notifications or you'll never get updates of the coming release or tour dates! So stop by to hear us rock you like a hurricane! or Rock you tonight! or to Rock the casbah! or any other 80's cliche you can think of but stop by and listen!

Thanks for voting...you know who you are.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU THAT VOTED & SHARED THE LINK FOR US IN THE HARD ROCK RISING BATTLE OF THE BANDS!! WE LOVE YA FOR IT!! The voting is now closed and we may have finished at No.4 or No.5 Maybe even No. 6 out of over 250 other bands !! Anyway, you've all been amazing in helping us try get to the next stage. We had over 300 votes and it's greatly appreciated!! We'll notify you of the date that we play the Hard Rock Cafe Houston if we make it to the next round! The band with the most valid votes in each location will be guaranteed a performance slot in the next round of the competition. The remaining participants will be selected by participating Hard Rock Rising venues based on a combination of (i) audition song quality, (ii) live performance data and (iii) activity generated on social media by their fans. ‬Bands who qualify to advance to the next round will be contacted by Hard Rock directly by or before February 27. So stay tuned and we'll let you know if we made it!

It's a New Year and a New Single on iTunes!

Great news to start the New Year! We have released a new single "Your Possession" with plenty of more surprises to come this year. Stay tuned for more information regarding the soundtrack to the new moive Bright Ideas. (Hint, we will be on it.) But for now, you can find the new single at this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/your-possession-single/id953374198. So, stop by to download our new single and leave a comment. Also, we will be at Club Vision every Wednesday, Bombshells every Friday, and Rookies every Saturday. Please stop by and have a drink or a shot with us! As always, we'd love to hear from you! Find us on Facebook.com/stevegarcia21 Twitter @stevegarcia21 and on Reverbnation. Your shares, likes, retweets, and comments are much appreciated. Happy New Year, -Steven Garcia

Straight out of the 80's and into the new millennium

Straight out of the 80’s and into the new millennium, Steven Garcia’s music can be described as 80’s rock star on steroids with a modern twist. In his 2014 single, “Bright Idea”, Steven generates a fast paced tempo that doesn't stop until the song ends. With a heavy guitar sound and a hard driven beat, Steven’s radio friendly vocals shine through. A Texas boy who grew up in Corpus Christi, Steven started playing guitar at the age of 14. “Playing guitar was just something I always wanted to do. I became obsessed with it.” Unable to release his grip from the guitar, Steven moved to Houston in 1994. ”I didn't want to leave Corpus but there was just so much opportunity in Houston”, said Steven. “I was able to play music full-time for a living.” Steven has been touring and making music ever since. Soon after moving to Houston, Steven formed his band, The Rachels. As the main song writer in the group, The Rachels musical style relied heavily on Steven’s personal influence of a loud guitar sound. Although, some of his music is surprisingly eclectic. “I love all types of music”, said Steven. “Any music from any generation that catches my ear, I will listen to”. This open-mindedness enables him to create not just 80’s inspired rock but music in very different genres such as reggae, ska, country and pop. His diversity enables him to work with different producers and song writers, including Paula Deanda producer Steve Aguirre and writing two years for Clay Walker’s publishing company. During his time with The Rachels, they released four original CDs: Buy American (1999), World of Dreams (2001), St Elmo Sessions (2003), and No Love Here (2006). Steven and The Rachels grew accustomed to playing four to five nights a week. They developed a loyal Houston following with a reputation as a party band that could cover any song request. “Some nights we wouldn't even have a set list. We would just ask the crowd what they wanted to hear and play whatever they yelled out.” This branded them as a virtual jukebox in high demand with Houston bar owners and booking agents. It led to the opportunity to tour Japan. “Playing over seas, I got to perform for the armed forces which was a great honor. But it also helped me realize that anywhere people want to hear me play I’d be more than willing to go.” In 2008, “I Can’t Complain”, from their World of Dreams CD, was placed in the soundtrack and motion picture Noble Things. In 2012, Steven stepped out on his own to record with Love Sick Dog Publishing as a solo artist. “Sometimes you just need a change.” The collaboration produced the songs “Will You or Won’t You” and “Quasimodo”. With the January 2012 iTunes release of “Will You or Won’t You”, Steven was quickly given the Song of the Week (February 19 - 25) from the London indie rock magazine Jamsphere. Soon after, he was heard all over the world through internet radio air play. Steven was also hand picked by Dodge as one of the top 500 indie bands on Reverbnation in their "Inspired by You" contest in 2012. In 2013 and 2014, he was selected to compete in the Hard Rock Café Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands. In the Summer of 2014, Steven was chosen to pen the title track for the motion picture Bright Ideas. Director Ronn Head said,”I was familiar with his past work so I knew he was capable of creating a song we could use for the film. I just didn't know it was going to be that great and be just perfect for the film.” The “Bright Idea” single will be released on iTunes in the fall of 2014. Any way you look at it, the future looks bright for Steven Garcia and the Bright Ideas movie. Currently, Steven is performing in Houston acoustically or with a full band four to five nights a week. “I’m happy doing what I want for a living, which is playing my music for people. I wouldn't have it any other way.”