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Studio Update

Hey guys, Steve and I just got home from the studio about an hour ago. We were there with Drew (our producer) and Bryan from Andreyka and I was working on vocals. It's pretty much vocals from here on in other than all the strings and stuff, and I promise I will try my best to crank my tracks out quick but as it has proven so far, good records take time!!! We're gonna have some more previews of stuff we've been doing coming soon. Also, We playing our first headlining event this coming Wednesday at the Emerald Ballroom, tickets are available through Ticket Master or through us. They'll only be ten dollars from us, I imagine they'd be more from Ticket Master but it's just awesome to be able to say that!!!! We will more than likely post the track listing for the record soon too. Don't forget too, we now have shirts available, you can get them from our page or our street team page! Handmade D.I.Y. fashion T's for $22, you really can't beat that! We will have other shirts coming soon as well!

Keep checking back, stuffs always going on. And don't be shy, if you comment us or anything like that, we will hit you back! We love talking to you guys.


Interview with Ryan

We recently had a chance to sit down and talk to Ryan Carney, lead singer of Group Therapy. Here’s what he had to say. Group Therapy Street Team: What are your top 5 favorite albums of all time and why? Ryan: 1)Sergent Peppers by The Beatles You just can’t beat it! It’s The FUCKING Beatles, C’mon!!!! They are pretty much responsible for expirimentation in music today, in my opinion! 2)In Utero by Nirvana It’s them at their best! It’s moody, it’s sad, it’s happy! That’s the way they were meant to sound! It’s not too polished and it’s not too raw either, it’s fucking perfect! They were the first rock band that I really ever got into, before Nirvana I’d listen to Michael Jackson and pretty much whatever my parents gave me. I remember when I bought their Nevermind cd still to this day! My sister told me that the only song I was going to like was Smells Like Teen Siprit, that’s like the worst song on that cd! 3)The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails I read somewhere that The Fragile is Trent Reznor’s least favorite album that he’s put out! Needless to say I was floored when I read that! He said that at the time he wrote that record he was really scared and freaked out about the state the world was in and just felt completely lost. That’s the reason it’s one of my all time faves! It’s nice to know that you’re not the only one who feels a certain way and, when a person like Trent Reznor communicates that, like I said, it’s nice to know you are not alone! 4)Washing Machine by Sonic Youth If there ever was ANY band that could be classified as "grunge" it’s Sonic Youth! So many bands got that lable just because they wore flannels and ripped jeans, grunge was a fashion not a style of music! 5)Mellow Gold by Beck Have you heard that cd??? Shit is wacked out, that album is so underated it’s not even funny! Every song sounds different than the one before it! It’s just flawless!!!! GTST:What are you currently listening to? Ryan:Sonny Moore, Eat Me Drink Me by Marilyn Manson, the new Scary Kids Scaring Kids record and lots of Group Therapy! Actaully all I’ve been listening to is Group Therapy(shakes his head and laughs) GTST:What is one thing you want you and your band to be able to do? Ryan: Progress and evolve without being crucified! It sucks, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t! If you do evolve and grow as an artist everyone calls you a sell out. If you never change and you stay the same, everyone gets bored with you and they’ll say you lost your energy! Take a look at The Beatles for instance, they went from "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to "Sergent Peppers". That’s a huge step/change/progression whatever you wanna call it, I just wanna be able to do that.

Studio progress.

Hey everyone, I just got home from the studio and I'm sitting here listening to rough mixes from the album and I can't believe how good it's all sounding so far! It's barely mixed and/or "EQ-ed" and we're all really excited and cannot wait for everyone to hear this album! We're really happy to finally be recording this album. They say that your first album, you've been writting your entire life up to that point and honestly, Pieces For The Broken, really reflects that! Now that these songs have been written, the issues of our lives that pertain to them can be laid to rest and we can move on, and that is clearly obvious in all this other new stuff that we're working on now. Another thing I'd like to do is just take a second and say thank you! To all the people that just love our music, thank you for listening and caring so much about what we're doing! All the people that have helped us get to the point that we are currently at, there's too many of you to name and I'm sure I'd forget to mention someone so, you all know who you are. We really wouldn't be doing this is it wasn't for all of you! So again, on behalf of me and the rest of the guys... THANK YOU ALL so much! You guys mean the world to us! 3 ryan