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An angel gave me my first piano lesson

Everytime I have a new student learning keys piano Organ or ortherwise I always tell the true story Of the angel That gave me my first Lesson.I was 15 and I was at church The pastor of our church bought the first organ for the church he said that God said the organ player would be right in the congregation of the church theis church at the time Had about 20 members in it it I was one of the 20...So I eagerly raised my hand and went up to the altar to be prayed for the pastor prayed for me poured annoiting oil on my hands and spoke a word of faith into my life at 15 you just believe what ever the pastor tells you because well..... Thats the pastor... That was on a Sunday....Monday night I had a truly unforgettable dream I really thought it was real when I was Having it.... I was walking towards an ocean and at the ocean was a piano made of Glass it seemed as if it came from out of the sand I sat on the stool and begin trying to play the piano just as I was this figure who was so tall I could not see his head sat next to me and begin to Show me Chords in the key of C so well in fact When I woke up from the dream I went to a piano and begin to play the 1-4-5 chords in the Key of C The next Sunday I went to Church and begin playing the organ and realized that some how I had obtained the ability to play almost anything I heard and the Rest is History!!! Somthing happened to me that night and it changed my life for ever......Thank God!!!!! K LIFE