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Language Awareness Alert

I recently realized using a habitual response 'I don't care' intended to convey 'Fine with me' but in original use having a whole other meaning. I do care, intensely, enough to be vigilant in awareness and remove that phrase from my repertoire...

The rythmn of Life is in a beating heart and the swing of a happy woman's hips.'

' For me, the rythmn of Life is in a beating heart and the swing of a happy woman's hips.' Happy Spring All/Glæde Forår Alle!

January 9-19 California Tour Dates

BRETT PERKINS & FRIENDS CALIFORNIA TOUR DATES: PLEASE SHARE TO GET THE WORD TO FRIEND IN THESE AREAS THANKS! Jan. 9 Quaker Center Lodge, Ben Lomond 7:00pm Jan.11 Safari Club, Bay Park Hotel, Monterey 7:00pm Jan.12 KPIG Radio 11:00am, Freedom Jan. 12 Songwriters At Play, Sculpterra Winery, Paso Robles 4:00pm Jan. 12 BVN, Cafe Linnea's, San Luis Obispo 7:00pm Jan. 13 Songwriters At Play, Bon Temps Creole Cafe, SLO 6:30pm Jan. 14 Home Concert, Santa Barbara 7:00pm Jan. 15 Firefly's, South Pasadena 7:00pm Jan. 17 Butler's Coffee Shop, Lancaster 7:00pm Jan. 18 Home Concert, Glendale 7:00pm Jan. 19 Fremont Centre Theatre, South Pasadena 7:00PM jan. 20 EUROPE RETURN

Free XMas Single & Free Smartphone App & More!

Happy Almost Holidays Everyone! :-) Your gift to me is your support and my early gift to you is a free download here of my national radio single 'It Just Won't Be Christmas Now' + a new app for your phone if desired!

2013 Recording/Release Plans!

As 2013 looms large, I'm looking forward to 4 new releases: Big Wide Room's 'Infinite Distance' CD in January, February's release of The Pawnshop Preachers 'Second Hand Pieces' album, the Pop Joy Love CD release in June and November completion of 'Sentimental Heart In A Temporary World' solo acoustic collection. Universe willing, of course! :-)

Busy Days!

Spring is in the air in Copenhagen, and the extra hours of sunlight bring a welcome boost of energy to this native Californian, as I work on the 4th Annual Copenhagen Songwriters Festival, upcoming Listening Room Songwriters Retreats and completion of the new album from The edited Trio. Long days doing Works of Heart are fine by me :-)

Getting Ready For The California Listening Room Retreat!

As a songwriter, I love to encourage others to follow their artistic passion - and have had the great fortune to lead these inspirational retreats in eight countries since 2002. Further info at reverbnation.com/listeningroomretreats

16 Date European Tour With edited Starts Feb 16!

I'm SO looking forward to taking our debut album and songs to new cities in Denmark, Ireland, Germany and Sweden!

Getting Busy With It..

The web, that is.....:-) Seems in confronting my own earlier sense of overwhelm at engaging all the outlets for promoting my new album, I've stumbled upon another valuable workshop presentation concept for my fellow songwriters: 'How To Make The Web Work For You', which I'll begin promoting in the Autumn (Along with ongoing songwriting, recordings, performing, promoting, hosting the monthly Listening Room Songwriters In The Round Concert Series & Open Stage and leading the four annual Listening Room International Songwriter Retreats in Denmark, Ireland, Sweden and the US...) Oh yes....and then there's our daughter on the way, with a September 1 projected birth date. It's going to be an even more amazing year! Bring it on!! :-)