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Musical adventure #1...

I've never written a 'traditional' blog before. By this I mean, commenting about the thoughts in my mind. Most blog entries previously include myself posting my lyrics (so i can access them wherever i go). Now i've changed that tactic and am going to keep a blog/diary. Reason being so I can learn from the past experiences and hopefully develop into a more unique individual.. So here it goes.

'Born & Raised' an EP being released 14/02/2013. The title came from an original song of the same name. This song fell out within 5-10 minutes. Suddenly I decided to turn on my camera, set up my microphone and sing the song whilst reading the lyrics from my notepad. After watching this video back, a few days later I experimented with changing lyrics around and musical orchestrating it..This eventually turned into a masterpiece. Following this, i gathered a few new songs together, set myself in a studio and away it came.