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Just wondering?

So I am curious- looking at my stats I had 87 members look at my profile ~ only 18 became fans Can those of you who have viewed my profile tell me why you did not decide to fan me? I honestly would like to know...honestly plze? It is important for my growth as a musician. Thank you so much my friends Peg

New Songs!

Working with another artist, (My fabulous Mom) on harmonies to a couple of new songs to be posted soon. She rocks at 78 yrs. !!!

The Gig!

The gig was great seeing as how it was my daughter's wedding. What a blast we had! My Mom and I sang "Unforgettable " for the father-daughter dance. Everyone complimented us up and down. It was wonderful and I am ecstatic for my daughter!


I have been wickedly busy getting ready for my daughter's wedding so-please excuse my lack of communication with you all! I miss sitting and listening to all the great music!

Back In Action!

I am Back and with a vengeance! I will be listening and listening and all I ask in return is to move up from #5 for once in the last 6 weeks-I fan and return so many fanships I just don't get it-Ready to explode! but anyhow-let's have some fun!

To My new fans!

I have been ill and have not been able to take the time to listen to everyone's tunes right now-I will promise to get to that and support you back as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience!

New Song!

I Just uploaded a new song called "Undo Me"-cover and it is a Christian Rock song-was Christian. This was recorded a few years ago-so...Let me know what you think! Peg

Irish Roots Cafe house band
Irish Roots Cafe house band  (about 6 years ago)

Just listened - wow, meet Janis Joplin O'Neill.....

New Song!

I just finished my first song where I play my own piano back-up while I sing the vocal-this is one of Sara Barielles more beautiful songs.I hope I do it justice-please let me know your thoughts.It is exciting to finally be vulnerable with my music by playing and singing at the same time.Thanks in advance to all my fans and friends who take a moment to listen and hopefully enjoy. Blessings, Peg


Thanks to all my fans for fanning me up the status ple to #12 in the local area! I really appreciate you!


I have never been more grateful and excited in my whole life to be #17 on the charts for the Brockton area. Hundreds of musicians are vying to be on this list and I am so happy that my fans on Reverbnation and Facebook, My Space, and Twitter have listened to my hard work. It means so very much to me. God bless You all!