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Record Release for Too Worn To Mend - Other News

So after more than three years of recording we are in the final stages of finishing our debut record "Too Worn Too Mend" and are really excited for you to hear it. The CD should be available at shows and will also be available through our website, CD baby, as well as some digital outlets; however, we hope you get a copy of the CD so you can get the full feel of the record. We have our first CD release show scheduled for November 3, 2012 at Sally O'Brien's Bar in Somerville, MA. Sally's is pretty much our home base and is where much of the concept for American Beauties took shape. Can't think of any other place I'd rather do this show. We plan to schedule other CD release shows around town as well, but the show at Sally's will include many of the artists who help make the record and of course the live AB's band. In other news, American Beauties was selected by Tinderbox Music of Minneapolis, Minnesota to run a radio campaign to promote the record to 300 college and independent radio stations around the United States. Tinderbox has been promoting independent artists for over ten years and has a great reputation in the industry for getting airplay and charting their artists at College Music Journal (CMJ) reporting radio stations in the US and Canada. Tinderbox also promotes their artist's music to cable TV and have succesfully placed music on networks such as MTV, the Discovery Channel, The E Network, and shows such as Grey's Anatomy. We see this as a great opportunity to get the music out to more ears, but in all honesty, we are a local band, and that's where you'll be able to find us. Hope to see you all at one the shows this fall.

Utica Music and Arts Festival - September 15-17, 2012

American Beauties was selected to play at the Fifth Annual Utica Music and Arts Festival coming up in September. We were one of the 20 bands selected through the ReverbNation website to play at the festival, which will have over 100 bands over three nights at several venues around town. Hopefully some of our Syracuse-area friends can make the trip out to see us. We'll post some more information as it becomes available.

Live Shows and Record

So we are playing some monthly shows while we complete our studio work on the record. Another session coming up on Sunday to track some cello, guitar, vocal, and harmonica parts. After Sunday, we'll have one more tracking session before we go to mixing and mastering. The long process nearing completion. It's been well worth the wait and will be followed by some more local club shows. Hang in there with us and we looked forward to seeing you at the live shows.

Reverbnation and New Song Posts.

So we are finally on Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter, and we have an Official webpage up and running so it should be easier to find American Beauties. We have also started the process of booking shows in the Boston area and hope to increase our reach to the north and south of Boston over the next year. The record is nearing it's completion and we are really excited about the release, which is planned for this spring. A few more tracking sessions, mixing, mastering, and then duplication. It sounds like a lot, but it's certianly nearing the "light at the end of the tunnel." We will try to keep everyone posted on the progress. In the meantime we have posted some of the new songs here and on our websites for you to get a quick peek. Also, please visit our websites to keep up with information on our upcoming live shows. Hope to see you soon. Michael (American Beauties)