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Spiral Earth Awards - we need your vote!

We are pleased to announce that we have been nominated in the category of Best Instrumental Album in the Spiral Awards. If you could spare 10 seconds of your time to cast a vote for us then we'd realy appreciate that. Thanks a lot and a Happy New Year! http://www.spiralearth.co.uk/spiralawards2012/InstrumentalAlbum.asp

Great review from The Living Tradition

This CD brings together two of the country's most ubiquitous performaers, who are currently playing in the group Rallion, and who have pedigrees as long as a Border Balllad, being in huge demand as session musicians everywhere you listen. Fiona plays fiddle and here Stevie, as well as singing, plays guitar, bouzouki, bass, percussion and hurdy gurdy. To add to this mixture, the guests are Brendan McCreanor, uillean pipes, whistle; Fraser Speirs, harmonica; Rachel Hair, harp; Wendy Weatherby, cello; Celine Donoghue, banjo; and Greg Friel, backing vocals. Festival organisers the country over (and further) would drool at the prospect of putting on such a line up! The majority of the tracks are tunes written by Fiona, all of which go to demostrate her innate feel for the traditional idiom, a feeling which is justly matched by the duo's ability to get to the heart of the material and present it with a complete understanding, not only of the style, but also of the arrangements and interplay of the instrumentation. If there's one thing about the playing which can be picked out from all that's going on here, it's the clarity - every note of every instrument is as fresh and precise as you could ask for, thanks to the spot-on production (also by Fiona and Stevie). This means that it's not just the overall sound that impresses, but the component parts as well, which can't always be said of some recordings. Those who know Fiona and Stevie will want to buy this anyway, but to everyone else - make a point of joining them, as this muct be one of the finest releases this year.