We Are Immersia

On this weeks Immersia Minute, Immersia's new Bassist Steve Young talks about his music history, his musical influences and his hobbies...

So, how long you been playing bass?

"I picked up playing the bass in 1992, a month later a was the bass player for a grunge rock band called "SUBzero" in Salt Lake City, Utah where this primarily played on State Strip where most of the bars are. Back in Missouri I was the Front man and Bassist of the Death/Thrash metal band called "Sekora"."

What are your musical influences?

"My Main influences is Geezer Butler the bassist of Black Sabbath. Thought he is one of the better metal bass players out there. And of course Cliff Burton of Metallica is a big influence on me."

You have any hobbies besides being a talented bass player?

"Collecting Music CD's and listening to new and inventive music. I like anything from classical to death metal and even some country and rap."

Well, thank you Steve for telling us a bit more about yourself. Immersia is glad to have ya!

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We Are Immersia

On this weeks Immersia Minute Guitarist Garrett Meyer talks about his influences and favorite Immersia tune....

Who are your musical influences?

"Uhm...There are a lot of people that influence me but if I had to narrow it down I would have to say that Mikko Lindström is pretty frickin' incredible, he can play anything and when it comes to great rhythms James Hetfield hands down his skills are definitely undeniable"

What is your favorite Immersia Song?

"Uh..I would have to say "Hearts on Masquerade" so far it's the fasted paced song we have in our arsenal which makes it the funnest to play and I really like the breakdown in it. We will be re-recording the audio soon so hopefully it gains more popularity once the audio isn't so fuzzy and muted"

Make sure to tune in next week and send all questions to immersiaofficial@gmail.com

We Are Immersia

Uhm, yeah.....so...I know I said I would post Wednesday but..yeah...I'm late. Which brings me to one thing about myself I and the guys can tell you is, I am always late. I usually run about 15 minutes late no matter where I go or what I'm doing. Sometimes it is so bad I have to have them lie to me about what time I need to be ready just to compensate. As my mom says "you would probably be late to your own funeral" ~Crystal :p Next week Garrett will be droppin in to tell you a little about himself. Feel free to subscribe to our facebook @ www.facebook.com/immersia if you wanna shoot us some questions or wanna keep up to date on all things Immersia

We Are Immersia

Hi, This is Crystal and I'd like to introduce you to our band, Immersia. We are a small band out of Joplin, Missouri. We started as just a few friends hanging out having fun and playing Metallica, H.I.M., and Five Finger Death Punch covers and slowly developed into this entity that we call Immersia. Chris is our drummer, he's been in a few bands here and there but has found a home with Immersia and thank goodness too cuz we would not be the same without him. He just knows exactly what sounds good and where it needs to be and that is hard to come by. Chris has been a loyal friend of ours for three years goin on four and we are lucky to have him. Garrett is our guitarist and an amazing one at that, but he'll never tell anyone that, then again as they always say, "we are our own worst critic". If it wasn't for Garrett we would barely get anything done..haha. He is the responsable one spending more time than anybody in the beat laboratory experimenting, recording and laying the foundation for the songs that we create. He is our backbone. Next is me **insert cheshire grin here and possibly a halo or devil horns depending on the day** My name is, incase you already forgot, Crystal. I am lead vocals and I write our lyrics, I also do alot of our publicity and social networking. I have been writing lyrics, poems, and short stories ever since I can remember picking up a pen and I have been singing ever since I saw "The Little Mermaid" on the big screen :) So considering that is just a lil' ol' paragraph of who we are, every week we will post a blog revealing more about ourselves to help you get to know us on here and on our facebook site www.facebook.com/immersia Feel free to ask us any questions, we're pretty friendly bunch ~Crystal~