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Creative spirits2

Nothing is more rewarding than the joining of two or more creative spirits on any one project!

Creative spirits

Cannot be bought at any store on Earth.

Beatles' Cover

Just posted a cover of "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" by the Beatles on Fandalism with my good friend Marc Roberge who performed and recorded most of the instruments and I added the 12-string rhythm guitar and vocal tracks. A fun tune to perform! Hope you check it out.

"Dawn Patrol"

Had a fun time today hosting the posting of "Dawn Patrol" on Fandalism. HG Schmitz and Danny Roffe were kind enough to add their expertise on this once sleepy tune. Will post here in the near future!

"Best Wishes1"

Wow, just read the date on my last blog Nov. ?? I have been spending a lot of time in Fandoland, working/creating with other musicians from around the world!! Here is the link to that site if you are interested http://fandalism.com/themelvinator

"Best Wishes"

Just completed a collaboration with Michel Gypen adding his signature guitar work, bass and drums, then mixing the results with my 12-string composition. Stayed tuned for posting soon...probably Sunday!!

Great music

Hearing a lot of great music here on RN, but also on Fandalism. Meeting a lot of very talented and nice folks over there!!


Sometimes life can turn on a dime, things that lifted you up are bringing you down this time.....


Listened to JC&Laney while traveling to and from the beach. What a pleasurable trip it became. Their vocal harmonies are spot on and their writing and recording abilities are stellar. Loved listening the whole way!!!

Over 1000

Thanks to all those who helped me get over the 1000 plays hurdle, it is very much appreciated!!