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New Gig Story

Way back in the early 90's, I was playin with this local band, and the place was PACKED. We were groovin'.... y'all know how sometime the feelin is just there? Well, it WAS. And the peoples could feel it, too- they always can-NEVA forget that. Anywhore, in the middle of a song, this beautiful chick comes up to the stage and leaves a business card in front of my foot pedals... it was dark, and I couldn't read it. I thought, "cool, she's from an agency or somethin'- maybe get some high profile gigs!" Well, at break I picked up the card and went to the bar to get a drink. I read it.... damn she was an agent for MALE STRIPPERS! She wanted me to go out on the road with her and "the boys"..... damn! I told her, "Baby, guitar's my thang... you don't even WANNA see ME dance- I got three left feet, I'm married, and I only dance when I'm drunk enough where I don't give a damn if peoples be laughin' at me". I played out the rest of the night wondering if that really happened.

New British Invasion/"Collaborasion"? READ ON...

Hey y'all- just lookin' at my fan stats... I see a lot of hits from the UK, which excites me because I LOVE the UK and Europe in general. Lived in Madrid for 4 years and got all around Europe, and I KNOW peoples like Funk and the Blues there. So I came up with this idea... why not attempt a SECOND British invasion.... one where some Brits invade MY music by collaborating? Or, let me collaborate on yours... we can swap mp3 files and drop them into our multitrack programs, then add more tracks until we come up with something cool. I don't need no money, credit, rights to music, nothin like that.... I just wanna make some real music with some real people. If y'all think you can make somethin off it, I'm cool with that. Just let me know if you're interested, my British mates! PS- if you're good at horn lines (either on keys or with a real horn section), man that would be SWEET- THAT'S what my music is missing at this time~.

Old School vs. New School

My granddaddy didn't like my daddy's music. My daddy didn't like my music. My ol lady don't like my kids' music. My kids don't like MY music. Does ANYBODY like my music? Don't matter no mo. I aint young and I aint pretty, so nobody gonna buy me now. But Old School vs. New School? Ain't really no such thang, bros and sisses- see, ain't much really original anymore (never HAS been, man!). That's cos so much music has been made and spread and has influenced us all... to the point where New School is only a new interpretation of some thangs that have gone before (Old School), just mixed up some. I, and everyone else who has ever learned a song off the radio, a CD, a video, or an mp3, been guilty of rippin' off our musical heroes since we started learning, consciously or unconciously- and all you newer cats will be too, as soon as you discover some of the cool thangs that can show up on a song that the peoples thank is too old or out of style. Don't listen to the peoples, man- listen to what your EARS are tellin' y'all. Then, let all those cool lil thangs sink in, INTERPRET them in your own way with all your heart... then no matter whether any record execs buys you, the peoples gonna DIG you when you play for them. Cos its honest and from the heart and it's WHAT YOU DO. And when you die they might say DAMN, that mutha *&%$#@ could play. Man, that's all I been after all these years. Most of us ain't gonna get rich doin' this. But theres a lot of damn good players out there with lots of good music you never heard of. And they ain't gonna ever be rich. BUT, they could pass something on. I done said it before and I'll say it again- there might be 1,000,000 songs out there by peoples you don't have no jones to listen to... but if you LISTEN to those 1,000,000 thangs, you STILL gonna find some kind of cool ideas to use in something you're gonna write your own damn self. Open up your minds, bros and sisses. Listen to it and use it before yall lose it. And don't be followin' no trends, be SETTIN them. I'm just tellin' it, man.

Gig stories

Hey y'all- we all got 'em- gig stories. Thangs we rememba but sometimes wish we could forget- as seen at da gig. I like to write about my gig stories, and I'd like to hear yours- nothin is too over da top here- TELL IT BABY. Maybe your gig experience will become a song sometime.- Later on bros and sisses- please TELL IT!

No Messin Bros and Sisses!

No messin'- here's a gig story from the 70's in California. Playin a small club, this group of folks comes in the bar and sets down. A midget in an American flag shirt is drunk as hell and buyin' everyone in the place drinks. I tell him, "get up and shake that thang like you own it for da ladies, man"... he did, all by himself.... singin, dancin, tryin to get ladies to boogie wit him... then he disappears. I says to da bass player, "hey man, we lost our lil' friend... but HIS friends were all still there. We finish da nite out. Puttin' my amp in da van at the end, a window rolls down in a van next to mine... Mr. Midget man pokes his head out an' throws up all over da side of my van... now THAT'S the blues... stay tuned for more blues stories.... uncle Erock gonna tell it.


If you ever.... Slept outdoors but ur not camping... Put Preparation H on your toothbrush... Felt more like you do right now than you did earlier.... Crapped you pants at work... Gone to da grocery store on da weekend just for a "free sample" lunch... If you've ever crashed a wedding reception of someone you don't even know for da free food... If you've ever held up a cardboard sign downtown that says, "I ain't gonna lie, I need some damn wine!" OR... IF YOU JUST LOVE BLUES, FUNK, AND OLD SCHOOL R&B...,. These thangs are all thangs associated with the blues. Don't worry. You are in the right place. THAT'S THE BLUES. I'm gon' tell it ta ya. You young cats lissen up, y'all gonna be wearin' my shoes someday. Stay tuned...