CD release party...

OK...now releasing a CD is a MAJOR milestone in any artist's life - and I would relive tonight over and over again to remember the absolute HIGH a person gets from singing original music. I remember each lyric and why they were written...and then years later I get the opportunity to sing it in front of people / fans that have no idea HOW and WHY this music came to fruition. It only keeps me MORE determined to KEEP doing what I do. Each person I meet has the same story we all do...it's up to us musicians and singers/songwriters to put those tribulations into words with music. Everyone feels pain and loss...but it takes something special to put it on stage and make it sing. I love our fans and I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support by each of you. Thanks for making me feel like my love...music...made a difference in your life! Peace! Halemerry

sunfunone1  (over 3 years ago)

Hey Neal & band! I was there Fri nite, enjoyed all but espec seeing you play, ur so amaz fun, snap on the snare but it all worked out, sorry left midnitish. Kelly ur beautful. Will look 4u playing out & about! Jennifer

We are on the MOVE...

We enjoyed our gig at Broken Spoke last weekend...we had a nice reception and great response. Nothing can bring ya down when you have THAT much fun! Our band is recreating itself...new members and new songs are on DECK!! The greatest part of having a band that evolves is the input you receive from the new members and the energy that it inspires. Keep checking back...new stuff is on its way and we couldn't be happier by the overwhelming response. Peace! Kelley *Halemerry*

420 Fest...check your watches...and don't be late!

How does anyone say no to this concert? Truly...NEVER thought I would sing on stage again. BUT like my Mama said, "never say never!" Even though life moves forward and nothing is for certain, what I can promise...is that I will be ON STAGE for the 420 FEST...and it will be a show like NO other. Each day that passes brings me closer to the moment when I can STEP on stage ONCE more...grab my microphone...and just do what I do. It's a love hate relationship...I love to sing, but I HATE having to WAIT until the show. When the date finally arrives and God has blessed me to be there...I am going to sing from my heart - as if it were my last time. No guarantee that it isn't but this is a forum that reminds me how much I love to sing...our crowds are the BEST and each of these bands are stellar. We will bring a KICK ass drum kit with a hard-hitting rock guitar, bass and vocals. We have originals that haven't been heard ...until this show... on 420...Neal has written some amazing songs and the rest of us are trying to keep up. It's a labor of love...we look forward to seeing ALL of our fans and locals who support 420. Show up and introduce yourselves. We are looking forward to this....BRING your friends. To all of those looking for tickets...we have received your messages and have your tix for you. Call if you need more....or just text or email us. We have posters that need a home...if you know of a good - lots of traffic- location...let us know. We will tack a poster there. Take care and see you on 420 @ 420pm....PEACE Halemerry!

My personal opinions and beliefs

Hello, my name is Neal Hale. Please most of all remember these are only my opinions and beliefs. I am very open minded and eager to learn and experience anything. To me that's the purpose of life.....experiences. Good and bad, they are both needed. You wonder why bad things have to happen. Yes it sucks that bad things happen but good things happen and even great things happen also and without the bad things you would have no accurate gage on true happiness and thankfulness. So I say change your attitude toward life and be just as thankful for the bad things as you are for the good...cause let's be truly honest....none of us are perfect and the bad things that happen to us personally I believe is some sort of punishment for something you did wrong. They could be directly related or completely unrelated but I guess you would call it karma. I believe that what effort you put into to others gives you the same in return but you have to consider the most important element in this equation. Equation what the Hale when did an equation come into play your thinking. Well I'll tell you. You help some one or support some on.....you can count on help and support from that person. So if you help some one else...you can count on their help and support.....AAHHH so you see, the more people you help and support the more help and support you get in return increased by how much effort you put into your life and what you consider a successful life. A life that you can die and stand above yourself and be truly proud of what you've accomplished with the talents, time, and opportunity given to you. Well that's all I'm writing for now.....stay tuned I'll be talking about my beliefs in God and religion lol America and freedom, Marijuana legalization and whatever else I want to share an opinion on. Neal signing out

stupidity .... my middle name?

Well, some would argue that MIchelle is my middle name but today - I prefer stupidity! Sums up all that I have - but definitely doesn't encompass what I want. I have no idea how things go astray -but they do. God have Mercy on a poor soul such as mine! sometimes a joke is not funny and neither is hurting the person you never intended to hurt! Truth can be found in jest... But such is my life....


Show up...freaking AMAZING show - so happy to be a part of this amazing line up! Support US...BE there!

27th & 28th

We start this weekend off at Bomba's! Check out Halemerry LIVE on Friday - Hula Hoops and Heineken! Saturday 28th we are LIVE at FAT KATS...this is going to be a 4 band show! We hit the stage at 10pm..tix on sale..$10 Hope to see EVERYONE there..support local ROCK bands!

Memorial Day Weekend!!

A three-day weekend! Am I dreaming? Tonight has been one little hiccup after another. However, I am overjoyed that I have a few days to decompress.This past week has been stressfull, rewarding and OH SO memorable! Just when I think I can't take ONE more damn thing going wrong, I realize that I learned something. Mistakes are inevitable but if we are aware of the steps we took to create that mistake - we ultimately learn a lesson. I let my mouth over-ride my abilities sometimes - put myself in awkward situations that I am destined to regret and this week was a perfect example. If all else fails reach for someone who loves you and is willing to help you through these times. I am blessed to have friends, family and an amazing husband as a firm foundation - so I may get lost but I am quickly grounded by the people who see me straying off course. On a different note, one of my good friends is getting married soon and I am completely happy for her and the amazing guy she is about to walk down the aisle with. She deserves a great life and this man - well - is the man of her dreams. He makes her a better person, a more secure individual. He gives her the love and strength to overcome any obstacle this world could present. There really isn't anything more that I could wish for her. I love when people actually meet the person they are meant to be with - the fairy tale is so rare. BUT it does exist! This weekend includes a great gig at the Mayport Tavern and then off to Columbia, SC to see my Mom! She has called me twice to MAKE sure I was making the trip.I miss her everyday and pray she will move down to Florida so I could see her more than a few times a year! I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! Please drive carefully and don't over-indulge - Oh and I must give a huge shout-out to my step-daughter, Hope. She is currently in her third week of basic training in Lackland AFB. Boot camp.. May God keep her safe and I can't wait to see her in July!! We miss you Hope and are so incredibly proud of you! Stay strong little Hopers! Good night ALL...Hope to see everyone tomorrow...should be a helluva a show!!! 9pm BE THERE!!!



Bombas this Friday!

We arent sure about the weather but we are gonna have fun at Bombas regardless!! WEATHER it be outside or inside...a party is gonna happen!!! Come check us out. Would love to have ya there!