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The R.E.B.E.L. album release - FREE DOWNLOAD!!

“The R.E.B.E.L. (Real Educated Black Enlightened Leader)” is the third album from ‘Da Capt.’ D.R.Universal and promises to deliver more of a direct message to the listeners than his previous releases. This album speaks to a variety of social topics from single motherhood (MAMA) to racial inequality (The Actual) but is also balanced with head nodding beats that display D.R.’s trademark lyrical delivery (Second Wind). On the last album seven different producers contributed tracks but this time around D.R. only chose to work with his closest three in order to give it a more personal sound. The features were also carefully selected, with an appearance from J.Elise who blesses the hook with her soulful melody on a track (Everyday). Also, for all those who love the lost art of storytelling, Warning gives you a taste of what you’ve been missing.

“The R.E.B.E.L.” is a free download on D.R. Universal’s Bandcamp page, there is no charge if you enter your email address but you can also make a donation of any amount if you choose. This album was almost three years in the making; as soon as ‘The Sequel 2 The First’ was released in August 2011, ‘Da Capt.’ starting crafting this project carefully to make sure every verse in every song had the meaning needed to complete the theme. He wanted this album to be the music you can listen to when you need to smile, or when you have things on your mind, or when you just want to chill; basically this should be the soundtrack to your life.

This one is for the people! This is for all who want to listen to music with a meaning! This is for all who want to have balance in their life! This is music for everyday people! This is music for you and yours!

Please support “The R.E.B.E.L.” and tell a friend to tell two friends…


K.I.T. = Keep In Tune

Just a general update to give you the million ways to stay in tuned with Da Capt...FREE MUSIC sites for mixtapes and single mp3s, along with other promotional sites. If you're a member of any of these sites please add me..SALUTE! ********************************************** **ONLY $1 NOW---HIP HOP LOVERS: My 2nd album is available on Bandcamp!! Features from Bluz the poet, Esspy, Brice B. & Tra3 Slik..its a grown up project #Salute http://d-r-universal.bandcamp.com/album/the-sequel-2-the-first ********************************************* Free MP3s: www.soundcloud.com/d-r-universal & http://www.soundclick.com/DRUniversal ------------------------------------ Free Mixtapes:

http://www.datpiff.com/profile/DRUniversal ------------------------------------ http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/d-r-universal-collabnation-mixtape.48377.html ----------------------------------- http://www.mixtapefactory.com/Verbal-Exercise.html ********************************************* Other Sites:

www.facebook.com/D.R.Universal www.reverbnation.com/druniversal http://d-r-universal.bandcamp.com/ www.unsigned.com/druniversal http://www.youtube.com/user/NoQuestionMusic www.tagged.com/D.R.Universal www.blackplanet.com/tg_no_question www.ourstage.com/D.R.Universal www.wemix.com/DR_Universal www.showcaseyourmusic.com/armageddon

2011 Recap

SALUTE ALL MY REAL PPL.....Just wanted to recap a fast & productive 2011!! SALUTE TO ALL MY REAL PPL!!

Monthly releases/accomplishments:

Jan – Nexxt Level video


Feb – DJ Strongboy Radio Show interview on Thatshiphop.com


Apr – Coast 2 Coast mixtape feature www.datpiff.com/dj_kaze_the_showcase_volume_127_starring_hones_t.m138881.html

May – Verbal Exercise mixtape


June - Indie Top 50 mixtape feature


July – The Real Connect blog feature (QC Rock vid)


Aug – The Sequel 2 The First album release / QC Kings Compilation


Sept – I Remember When video


Oct – VolumeTV Online feature (QC Rock vid)


Nov – 704Rapmusic.com feature (I Remember When)


Dec - Nominated for Best Male Hip Hop Artist at the QC Awards (didnt win tho)

Shoutout to all the artists and producers that I collabed with in 2011:

H-Bomb Lava Boi

Snake Eyes

Ty Statz

Filthy Ink

J-Blak McGrady


EZ Paypa

Billy Gramz

P.O. Mademan

Dongala SAB

Nkoko Sarise



Taylor Made Prod.

Cee Cee Parker



Choke the Flow Champ

Ap Apostle

Seven Da Pantha


DL Wood Beats


Chuck Beats

~Also got added to 5 more internet stations,bringing the total to 17!!!

****WANT TO PURCHASE THE ALBUM 'THE SEQUEL 2 THE FIRST'?? Send a paypal $5 to nqmusicgroup@yahoo.com and it will be mailed overnight with a FREE GIFT!! OR if you live in NC or SC go to any Manifest Discs store and cop!!!


Indie Top 50 Mixtape featuring ME!!


Yours truly Da Capt.’ has a track (In The Zone) that was selected on the new mixtape THE INDIE TOP 50 from Coast2Coast Djs!! If you aint know this is the largest national mixtape series….so that’s definitely worth a #salute—No Question!

Peep the track on this mixtape available for FREE download (on Dat Piff’s home page) http://www.datpiff.com/OMega-Red-The-Indie-Top-50-Vol-37-mixtape.250929.html

The album ‘The Sequel 2 The First’ is still scheduled to release August 21st…the release show is being finalized now so stay tuned for details….In the meantime wet your appetite with FREE downloads (no sign up req) here--à http://soundcloud.com/d-r-universal ) or of course on my Reverbnation page.

Lastly---add me on any of these sites…subscribe to the Youtube page (link) and I’ll sub back…500+ and counting!

www.facebook.com/D.R.Universal www.myspace.com/tg29 www.myspace.com/armageddon10 www.reverbnation.com/druniversal http://www.soundclick.com/DRUniversal www.soundcloud.com/d-r-universal www.datpiff.com/DR_Universal www.unsigned.com/druniversal www.youtube.com/noquestionmusic www.sonicbids.com/D.R.Universal www.tagged.com/D.R.Universal www.blackplanet.com/tg_no_question www.promotemysong.com/DR_Universal www.ourstage.com/D.R.Universal www.wemix.com/DR_Universal www.showcaseyourmusic.com/armageddon


Verbal Exercise Mixtape

I know you have been eagerly anticipating the release of the sophomore album "The Sequel 2 The First" and the final tracks are being mastered. After a strong 2 month promo push, the album will be available in August 2011!! In the meantime...I decided to release a mixtape of me just going 'turkey bacon' (I dont eat HAM LOL) over the hottest industry beats from the past year. Originally it was supposed to be a joint venture with DJ Strongboy but we had some setbacks so I decided to just drop it now, dont want to overlap my album promotion. Its already been in the crates for 3 months waiting.. Shout outs to my No Question Music family, Choke the Flow Champ for designing the cover, b.rhans for mixing the tracks, Kevan and Ajaxxx for letting me record in their studios, Corey King, Lenny Genia and Kami Taylor for their feedback on the songs as I was working on it, AP Apostle & Seven Da Pantha & Streetz for droppin hot features on it, DJ Strongboy for pushing me to do this, my publicist Alvina Alston, my parents, my sister Nita for buying me the hat used in the pic :), Mckinley HS and anyone who ever supported D.R.Universal aka dA cApT....SALUTE!! FREE download on DATPIFF: http://www.datpiff.com/DRUniversal-Verbal-Exercise-mixtape.235106.html FREE download on MIXTAPE FACTORY (Featured on FRONT PAGE): http://www.mixtapefactory.com/Verbal-Exercise.html *ALSO---Peep my video 'QC ROCK' on one of the BIGGEST hip hop sites on the web...VLAD TV!!!! http://www.vladtv.com//video/44571/qc-rock-druniversal/

2010 Wrap Up

Friends & fans of D.R.Universal….its been a long and educational year for us. But we look forward to the big things in store for 2011…I cant speak on a lot of it right now because of the sensitive nature of the dealings but lets just say…don’t be surprised when you hear about me real soon! Haha

Let’s recap what went down in 2010:

~January – Magazine feature (1/2 page) in Royalty Magazine based in Seattle, Washington. Dope!

~March – Shot my first video “QC Rock” directed by Manny Mac. Shout out to all who came thru the video shoot for both days and to Ink Floyd for letting us use their indoor skate facility for a location. Peep dat here if you haven’t already! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCMyUCrDVjs) -Also check the behind the scenes footage on Manny Mac & Self Taught’s Youtube pages. Salute!

~April – Shot my second video with labelmate Streetz for the mixtape jump off “We Run Dis Town” also shot by Manny Mac: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si7QGLdZ7qc)

-AND Invited to the Carolina Showcase Tour stop in Florence, SC and rocked to a packed house! Show footage of that is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8BXd53uUTA)

~May – My birthday month, also very busy with 6 shows in 4 different cities (Charlotte, Greensboro, High Point and Florence). Various show footage on my Youtube page (NoQuestionMusic)

~June – My remake of the hit Clipse/Cam’Ron song ‘Popular Demand’ was chosen to be on a Coast2Coast Mixtape! Not only that but its track #4 so u know its hottttttt: (http://www.datpiff.com/dj_kaze_the_showcase_volume_127_starring_hones_t.m138881.html) OR if you're not a member of datpiff do it here instead without having to sign up (http://www.coast2coastmixtapes.com/DJSite/mixtapes/mixtapedetail.aspx?mixtapeid=5193)

~September – Released the DVD titled: The Show: D.R.Universal LIVE! Featuring a collection of my show footage, studio sessions, freestyles and more filmed documentary style. It was put together by Self Taught and the copies have been circulating all over the Carolinas! Peep the trailer for it and email me to get your copy today! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmofBDQuMDU)

~October – Performed at my first outdoor event, the 1st annual Carolina Entertainers Festival in the NoDa area of Charlotte. This was a free outdoor event featuring entertainment of all genres, if you’re interested you can see the footage here: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8J2w8nP--w)

~November – Did an interview with a magazine in South America called Vents Magazine. The link for the article is here: (http://ventsinterviews.blogspot.com/2010/10/d-r-universal.html\)

~December – Performed at the 4th annual Queen City Awards, didn’t win the award for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist but it was nice to be nominated. Got featured on this compilation mixtape from Ajaxxx: (http://www.datpiff.com/Ajaxxx_AjaxxxbrhansDRUniversalChoke_the_Flow.m179770.html)

Hopefully you read all the way down to here…LOL!! But that just shows you how I put in WORK while most of these other artists only talk about it.

Can’t forget to shout out all the blog spots and internet radio stations that’s been holding me down in 2010: Westoletheshow.com Maple Valley Media Uglyradio.net DJ Strongboy show on Thatshiphop.com Brandknewradio.com & Dj Mike-L Shades Radio Prop Joe Radio Show Demetrius Live Show (Univ. of Conn) KarolinaBuzz.com Vents Magazine Streetz Radio Underworld Radio

And all the artists that I collabed wit: Streetz William Truth Brand Banks Dongala Bluz the Poet Cataclysm Brice B. Tra3 Slik Filthy Ink D-Chiz K-Baz Billy Gramz Steve Sitton Chuck Beats Adonus Self Taught Ty Statz Apostle AP Seven Da Panther Ty Bru

Venues that let me perform: Apostrophe Lounge The Wine Up Dharma Lounge Club Spotlight The Milestone Salvadore Deli Lounge 101 Limewire Jeff’s Bucket Shop Skandalos

Be On The Lookout for the album ‘The Sequel 2 The First’ coming Spring 2011!!!!!

Blog & Magazine Feature

Check out my video gettin luv on this music blog (Karolina Buzz):


Also got an interview in a Magazine in South America: http://ventsinterviews.blogspot.com/2010/10/d-r-universal.html\

The DVD is out NOW!

True story: Back in Feb. 2010 local videographer/producer Self Taught approached me before a show and said ‘Yo D.R. I see you’re on your grind and you do a lot of shows. Would you mind if I get some of your footage?” Of course I agreed so he recorded the show that day and a freestyle for his youtube series ‘Spit A Verse’. A few days later we talked and that’s when he came up with the idea to put together a DVD that would chronicle my life as a performer, give the fans a chance to get to know me personally and also would serve as great promo for the new album (The Sequel 2 The First). The title we came up with is The Show: D.R.Universal LIVE, and that’s just what it is; LIVE & UNCUT! ----------------------------------------------------------- The DVD is just over an hour long and gives you footage from (Feb-Aug ’10): · Studio sessions (recording new album cuts) · Apostrophe Lounge show · Spit A Verse segment · Freestyles in the booth · Dharma Lounge show with Filthy Ink · Milestone Club show with Quantum Foundry, K-Baz, Maf Maddix & Sham Grammar · Studio session recording ‘Popular Demand’ (got placed on national mixtape) · Collab with Brice B. · Freestyle cipher at The Milestone Club · My birthday show at The Wine Up with Brand Banks · ‘Run Dis Town’ video release show with Streetz · The Great Carolina Bash at Spotlight in Florence, SC · Saturday Night Live show at The Wine Up · Misc. shows all over the QC · Bonus: ‘QC Rock’ video shoot (behind the scenes) -----------------------------------------------------------

As you can see the DVD is packed full of clips and you will also see other artists in the footage as well; you might even see yourself in it if you supported one of these events! The disc was well edited and I think it really gives you a change to see a side of me that very few do. I feel it’s important to have a personal relationship with an artist in order to fully support their movement and believe in their ability. Too often we only send emails or ask you to click on links or download music but we don’t allow the average fan to get to know us the person. But wait……the BEST thing about this DVD is that its ONLY $2!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------ Check out the DVD trailer on Self Taught’s youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmofBDQuMDU -----------------------------------------------------------

If you want your copy of the DVD you can inbox me, email me, text me or click on this Paypal link and you will have it mailed to you asap! If you don’t want to use Paypal (its safe & secure) then shoot me a message and I will personally deliver to you. Where else they do dat at?? LOL… ------------------------------------------------------------

On the real…I want to thank each and every one of you who reads and supports this! Its not easy even though I make it look that way..its a true GRIND (Universally)! ------------------------------------------------------------' Be on the lookout for the new album coming late Nov. “The Sequel 2 The First”!! Featuring the single ‘QC ROCK’ and tracks w/ Tra3 Slik, Brice B, Lee Blake, Bluz the poet and beats from Ajaxxxx, B.Rhans, Chuck Beats, Self Taught, Contrast and others…it will be all over the web and in local stores in both NC & SC. ------------------------------------------------------------' “SALUTE ALL MY REAL PPL….MIDDLE FINGER TO THA HATERS!!!!” (the motto)

Featured on National MIXTAPE!!

D.R.Universal was featured on the latest COAST2COAST MIXTAPE: THE SHOWCASE VOL.127!!

Download it herehttp://www.datpiff.com/dj_kaze_the_showcase_volume_127_starring_hones_t.m138881.html

My song 'POPULAR DEMAND' is also available for download on my page..video also!


Album Info + Video!!

Happy Summer time to all my hip-hop lovers…Just a few small items I wanted to pass along since I haven’t updated in about a month. Not because I’m not working but only because I know your time is valuable

5 Things today to take with you:

1 – The sophomore album ‘The Sequel 2 The First’ is in the finishing stages and should be ready for release in mid August. Got tracks from 5 different producers and a few features from local heavyweights Brice B., Tra3 Slik, Lee Blake and Bluez the poet! More details to come obviously but still wanted to give u that update…

2 – The first single from the album “QC ROCK” already has a video available for it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCMyUCrDVjs) and its been buzzin like crazy! Thanks for the love and support as always!

Also got another video out there, its for the single off my labelmate Streetz mixtape (Rookie Season) and its called “WE RUN DIS TOWN” which is the No Question version of the hit by Jay-Z/Kanye/Rhianna..peep that too (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si7QGLdZ7qc)

3 – In case I have not given the links enough (LMAO) here are my mixtapes that are available for FREE download & listen..there is NO RISK!

Universal Grind http://www.datpiff.com/DRUniversal_Supply_the_World_Choke_the_Flow_Ch.m79388.html

Bamboozled http://www.datpiff.com/No_Question_Music_DRUniversal_The_Bamboozled_Mi.m35767.html

4 – In case you are a member of these sites please add me: www.myspace.com/tg29 www.myspace.com/armageddon10 www.reverbnation.com/druniversal www.soundclick.com/DRUniversal www.unsigned.com/druniversal www.youtube.com/noquestionmusic www.sonicbids.com/D.R.Universal www.tagged.com/D.R.Universal www.blackplanet.com/tg_no_question www.carolinaartist.ning.com/D.R.Universal www.promotemysong.com/DR_Universal www.ourstage.com/D.R.Universal www.wemix.com/DR_Universal www.showcaseyourmusic.com/armageddon www.datpiff.com/DR_Universal www.bandizmo.com/D.R.Universal

5 – Lastly just wanted to take any suggestions that you might have for song topics, any venues that you think I should play at or just any suggestions or ideas at all about how I can become a better artist then PLEASE let me know..I WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS!!!

*B.O.L.O. (be on the lookout) for STREETZ debut mixtape: Rookie Season coming out at the end of June!!

**If you’re looking for the best sites to check daily for news, music, movies and everything else go to these 2 sites and add to your favorites: www.westoletheshow.com/wordpress www.maplevalleymedia.blogspot.com

**Coming end of June: CAROLINA ARTIST RADIO!! (Visit www.carolinaartist.ning.com) for details on how to get your song played or interview)

***Check out the first album ‘UNIVERSALLY YOURS…’ on ITUNES http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-remember-when/id307519337?i=307519379&ign-mpt=uo%3D4