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The Gathering - Compilation Album

The official release date for The Gathering is April 1st 2013. The Gathering is a compilation album comprised of various artist from all over the world. My song "Solace" is featured on this album, please check out the CD Baby store at this link for more details & to purchase the album as a digital download -- http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thegathering22

Ultimate Guitar Solo Creativity & Mastery Training Week

Hey guys and gals! I am pumped once again to announce that I will be attending another week of hardcore training with my mentor and guitar virtuoso, Tom Hess, in August this year! Time to level up and push it to the max! \m/ please check out the awesome value that Tom Hess provides through his website www.tomhess.net !

Most Extremely, JB Andrews

Total Guitar Mastery Training

Hello everyone! I am pumped to announce that I will be attending the Total Guitar Mastery Training program in September 2012 with Tom Hess, my guitar mentor! This event will be a super intense training session, I mean we will be bench pressing our guitars with our eyelids! Eight hours per day for six straight days! It is time to take things to a new level!

Most Extremely, JB Andrews

Debbie Puckett-Brown
Debbie Puckett-Brown  (about 5 years ago)

The best of luck to you with your career, enjoy the ride !