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The new "mindset".

This is just an opinion. Please understand that I am not criticising the listeners that support their local artists by attendance at venues, downloading mp3's, buying merch, and the verbal acclamation of the "brand" of a band. I instead am stating the growing emergence of a mindset that I am finding more in social media that affects the music industry from the conception, recording, to production, promotion, to the bottom line of a success or failure of a musical group. This mindset also has found it's way into other fields of artistic endeavors such as physical art, photography, poetry, books, publications, videos, movies, affecting entities like libraries, newspapers, record stores, studios, musical retail stores, theaters, film developers, and countless businesses that support the media. So what is this mindset? You, as a musician should feel "privileged" to give your music away for free, perform for very little or nothing, give merch away for promotion sake, pay to advertise, pay to promote, guarantee a crowd at a venue, and on and on. The disturbing aspect of getting something for free, is the quality of performance or production will suffer. The mindset even carries from the consumer to the artist. Now the artist focuses on the cheapest studio rate, the free promotion sites, lack of time needed to bring a quality product to the masses. So without going on about the issues, I make a resolution that I hope all my musician friends will join. Don't short change yourself. Don't perform music for little to nothing and don't give your quality products of art for free! Set a STANDARD for yourself and your band. You are worth it, believe it! Stick to your standards. If all musicians took their music seriously, and "believed" it was of worth, the simple rules of economics would kick in and help the industry as a whole. Simply put, do not settle for a $10 tab, and a $100 bill for a gig. This perpetuates the lack of decent paying gigs. This was the rate of the '80's and with rising fuel cost and groceries, the one who will continue to barely make it, will be the "starving artist". We will be continuing to make the saying, "Don't quit your day job" a reality for all. Like I said, It's just my opinion.

Now for some deep thoughts.

Now for some deep thoughts... I have been lost, confused, depressed, betrayed, but now I'm found, focussed, joyful, and learning to trust again. Whenever I've set goals, they were usually too high for me to reach by myself. If it weren't for friends and their giving, I would not be typing this. I've heard that perseverance is all you need to succeed, but whenever a desire becomes an obsession, the dream will elude you. So I dream, yet live. I go after my goals, but don't let them rule over me. A dream becomes reality when a dreamer stops dreaming. Art is supposed to be shared. I believe an Artist is defined as (obviously) - One who CREATES art, but is willing to share it with others, open to criticism. This is what helps define his abilities and challenges him to be better than average. He must be willing to explore, innovate, develop, and complete the piece. It takes time to develop a work, but he should not hide his work in fear of critics including his self.

Alex Burley

Alex's Bio I was born in Warner Robbins, Ga in 1971 to a musical family. A military brat, I've lived in New York, Mississippi, Florida, Hawaii, but most of my adult life in Georgia. I felt ungrounded having moved every year of my life, so I sought refuge in music. My mentor and brother Adam brought me into this magical world of semi-insane characters AKA musicians. Years of ups and downs musically trying to work with bands/duos, I found myself performing solo at a restaurant in Vinings, Ga. After three years of performing and staring at a Kawaii logo, my life started-I met my wife. During these years I composed piano musical works and released the cd in 1997 called "Watching You ~ Watching Me". After the Storm is a second release of the music, but digitally mixed and remastered. I now have a beautiful daughter, wife, and great friends and own a recording studio in West Ga and try to help other artists realize their dreams.

Adam Powell

I was born on November 3, 1965 in Villa Rica, GA a poor white child. As a kid, my family moved frequently. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but I did live in some pretty cool places-upstate New York on Lake Champlain, Biloxi, Mississippi and Kauai, Hawaii. This gave me vast experience with other cultures and music. My musical journey began with my mother who played piano and had a large collection of records which I frequented as much as possible. I first developed an interest in playing the guitar because my dad who played guitar and banjo. I thought it was cool. He showed me how to strum guitar along with him to bluegrass and country music. I soon developed my finger picking style listening to and learning to play James Taylor songs from the "Sweet Baby James" album. I personally believe that J.T. is one of the best songwriter/acoustic players who has ever lived and is my greatest influence. Entering the teenage years…Rock was in. Country and folk rock was out...out of my life for a little while. I learned to play the drums as a young teenager and drove my mother crazy. I later traded my Maplewood, ten piece set of Slingerland’s for a beautiful Gibson Les Paul Custom electric guitar and began learning what is now considered “classic rock”. I guess I wanted more attention and needed to be out front with a guitar and microphone...and the rest is history in the making...lol Dance like no one's looking... Love like it's never gonna hurt... Sing like there's no tomorrow...