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New Music Coming From the 614 Sick

New Music in production now Google+

Can you dig it?

I went from rank 141 to rank 36 in 48 hours and Im not stopping till I hit the top 5 next to slink and young lizzie. I have heard alot of good music and some bullshit on here. All together there are some good musicians occupying these pages. The feedback has been great so thanks for everybody who showed love. It's almost a new year and 365 more days of hotness await those of us with skills. Its all love yall, 614 up bitches. Holla at me

On to Reverb Nation

So Slink the Sapphire King is my dude since been pimpin and he is the 4th ranked Rap artist in the 614 area code and is now doing shows from this site so I figgured I would try to get my piece of the pie. I am Scurvey Sickness and most of my songs are freestyles but I can write my ass off. I wrote the song Comeback which is up now and I will be releasing more tracks along with the hotter of my freestyles. Thanks for all of yall who like my shit. I'm lookin for management and beats. If you got the connect on either hit me up. Pimpin