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Willamette Week Write Up!

[POST-PUNK] Of the many bands that regularly attempt to ape Joy Division’s steez, only a rare few synthesize the off-kilter energy that defined that group’s appeal in the first place. Di Di Mau, a quartet hailing from this very city, is one of that chosen number. By mixing Ian Curtis’ monotone laments with the squalid momentum of Bad Brains and the omnipresent combustibility of At the Drive-In, Di Di Mau has produced a series of engrossing, 90-second squalls paradoxically engaging in both their visceral and intellectual respects. And in case you’re curious, “di di mau” is Vietnamese for “go quickly.”


Write up in the Mercury

Let's check in with Fred and Toody Cole, shall we? Last I heard, they were engaged in legendary badassery, churning out gritty rock 'n' roll with their buddy Kelly Haliburton, and being ridiculously in love—as can be seen in a recent OPB clip of their latest song, "We Won't Break," which Fred describes as "about me and Toody hanging together forever." The indefatigable duo also continues to bring new Portland bands into the fold, such as Di Di Mau, a foursome that formed in the fall and just released a new EP. Incorporating elements of Pierced Arrows' unapologetic rock and speed, Di Di Mau's intriguing recordings are marked by the performance of vocalist Austin Paradise, who employs an uneasy, Jim Morrisonesque warble to deliver unsettling meditations on serial killers and general malaise. MARANDA BISH