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Updates- WHAT 2016!?

Hello readers and Fans and music enthusiasts,

I hope all of you are dong well! I am! I have been busy traveling the world- Thailand in particular- writing and writing and working. I love to travel and the fact that I can bring music along makes it SO MUCH BETTER! As you already know :D

Recently I obtained my Real Estate License to help buyers and sellers here in San Francisco!! I am still involved in the music scene and activism- recording academy, and attending live shows. I will also be doing some new recording soon! Record record record! I am looking to collaborate this year and get new ears to hear my songs to make them better! Please send any real estate referrals my way and MUSIC REFERRALS! I want to write more and colab more this year! Talk soon!

-Alan Razz


Hello Everyone! Thank you for staying tuned! I have released 7 new tracks since the last time I typed to you! Of the seven 4 are on here. The others are cover songs or instrumentals and are on my sound cloud page (Http://soundcloud.com/alanrazz) for you to enjoy. I have branched off into the world of hip-hop for the past year, making beats and writing rhymes to go with them. It is a newly discovered skill that I just ran with and now I practically have a full length Hip-hop record. Which I am excited about, music is music. I love creating and sharing! Since last year I have been accepted into the San Francisco Chapter of the Recording Academy. (They host the Grammys) I have met many wonderful people who I have learned so much from already. They have been a great help in networking and making music (my passion) into my business. I have recently applied to the Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) to ensure that I get proper copyrights and publishing rights as well as more opportunities for licensing etc. It has been a crazy busy and amazing year. The top highlights sinceI last wrote have been my nephew being born, trips to LA, wine country, hitting the gym like a beast, going Australia for a month, and ended with work and a sprained MCL with impending knee surgery... Craziness! It has all been inspirational in its own way and I remain Blessed. Until next time, keep listening to my new tracks: "On", "The City", "Super Human", "That Night", and soon to release "Sky Lights" AND "Nowhere"! Peace, Love, Harmony -AlanRazz

Catching Up

So the past months have just been crazy! Ups and downs... time spent...shows played.. only two but still both jobs well done by "The Amplified Collective". Craziness. Performing has been amazing as always! Thank you to everyone who came out to support and thank yo BrainWash Cafe in San Francisco for hosting us!! This band rocks it and people actually enjoy us! So it seems... but thats been life... musically I have been progressing in my Logic Pro knowledge. Learning as much as I can, whenever I can. It's taking time for sure and I just have to wait out the process and enjoy it. Nevertheless I have a new complete 10 track Demo getting ready. Roughly 5 songs done on that one. So soon there will be new music from me. In the mean time be sure to check out my real gigging band "The Amplified Collective" on facebook! We post shows and news there... As always I have free Downloads @soundcloud.com/alanrazz and a new BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER MIX till next time!


First Show

I would like to thank everyone who came out to the show Monday night (last night) at Meenar Bar in Danville California to support my other band. It was a great night and there was a packed house. My band mates and I enjoyed playing and cannot wait to play again. It was my first public performance and it meant a lot to me. I was nervous to start, not shaky but the butterflies were definitely there. There were two groups before us and when it was our time to shine we did spectacularly and concluded with an overwhelming applause from the patrons there. Last night I wasn't sure if I could do it, despite all of the friends that were there for support, but once it was time to go on and after the first song I was sure that I could do it! The five songs and intro went by incredibly fast. I looked at the set list I wrote on my hand with red sharpie twice, once in the beginning and then a second time during the second to last song we played and realized that we had been playing for 20 minutes already. I couldn't believe it. With one song left we rocked it and received a great response for playing all original songs too. Last night proved to me that practice and hard work does pay off and that I am capable of doing things that others dream about. I thank everyone who reads this, has listened to a song, came to the show, left a comment, looked at this page, downloaded something, or even glanced at the SF top 10 to see my picture there because you are the support and the pillars that I will continue to build this career on! The feeling of playing music in front of a crowd (you) is amazing and be looking out for our next show and my personal shows to be debuting soon.

Thank you and God Bless, -AlanRazz

Tighten up

Hello again! I've been having a blast with life since I last wrote. I have been practicing with a new band, (we will have a name shortly these things take time), and I started running promotions and finishing up school work this semester to graduate this fall. I will be looking forward to what the future holds. Keep a look out for the promotions and hey, Click on one.Also, I am very thankful to each and every person who has visited my websites and downloaded something or just listened. It is more difficult than you can imagine to get people on board. Also I have been promoting this great organization called The Water Project! Help bring water to Africa by donating $$... Its a great feeling, and they let you track where your money goes! (thewaterproject.org)

New number ten spot

Thank you everyone who has checked out my page and listened to my music. I appreciate your time spent clicking and listening! Please continue to share my productions with your friends and anyone else! Dream big and never give up. Rmember the sky was never the limit, for the universe is infinite.

Dance Tracks

Check them out @ soundcloud.com/alanrazz



What's Been Up

Its been a while since my last rant so here is another. I have been busy both with school and music. I will be graduating from San Francisco state in the summer and have been working on new dance tracks that are posted on SoundCloud.com/alanrazz. I am enjoying branching out into different aspects of music and will be releasing a mashup of The Kill by 30 Seconds to mars and Avenged Sevenfold's bat country very soonly. The friends dig it so far and I hope that you all will come and listen to it too. I just released a Foster the People dance mix that I suggest you go and hear as well. Got to run. Literally. Gotta stay in shape and get ready for a future tours hahahahaha L8 ARazz

My Music

Hello out there Alan here and to dive right in my music is inspired by a lot of things. I like to write late at night, and just listen. I try to do a simple thing which is make good noises with sounds and things. I have hundreds of little recordings that I have yet to fully produce due to a severe lack of time. At least I'll have a BA soon... Here are sites to more of my music:

SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/alanrazz

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/arumluxep



-Alan 12/24/11