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Many have asked for it, so here it is-your chance to hear the new album "The Other Side of Me" LIVE before it gets released later this summer. @ Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill-Denver-9:30pm

Moving up the ranks!

Hey all......as of this morning, The Keith Hogan Band is ranked #84 locally. Now, I realize it's not the top 10, however, we started out last week at #97. In a week you guys have moved us 13 places by listening to our songs, viewing BOTH Facebook and Reverb Nation, and sharing with your friends. To all of those that have been following, thank you so much. Keep sharing with friends, family, co-workers, and we'll continue to climb.

More updates on the album release to come!

Thanks again,


Check it out.......

Question for all of you: which one of the 2 songs available on The Keith Hogan Band's music player is your favorite so far? "Everything To Me" or "Perfect Ending?"

UPDATE: 24 hour review extended....

I have received several emails requesting to leave "Perfect Ending" available for people to listen to a bit longer. So, by request, it'll stay up for a bit longer. As a note, "Perfect Ending" was listened to 108 times in 13 hours, and "Everything To Me" was listened to over 200 times over the last 48 hours. Thanks to those that have listened. Those that haven't.....please check them out!

As always, live, laugh, love, and be safe.


UPDATE: 24 hour review!!

On Tuesday, August 14th 2012, at noon, we'll be releasing another song as a teaser off the new album for 24 hours only. It's not the "finished product," but will give you another peak into "The Other Side Of Me," our new album due out in the Fall of 2012. After that, it will go back to it's home to finish the mastering process, and you'll have to wait until the album comes out to hear it again! Stay tuned!


24 hour preview of a new song!

Next week, keep a lookout for another song off the new album, "The Other Side Of Me." It will only be posted for 24 hours, than....back to the vault to wait for the album!