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Slow Down

1 love 2 all of you. I'm just sitting here between recording and thinking about the fact that it's taken me 5 albums to slow down. LOL This is the longest its taken me to do an album. Honestly. 6 should be done already. It has nothing to do with content. All I do is think of lyrics and songs. I have the next two albums in my head right now. Already done... just need beats. I nod to my my rhymes in my mind all day every day, but I realized.. this round, I've slowed down. Why? I ask myself that question A LOT lately. I think I've realized that I have a tendency to move too fast. Sometimes it's worth it to move slowly. I find that I think of a ton of shit after a song is done and uploaded. I also recognize the fact that that type of thinking could cause me to stagnate, but damn... They end up being really good ideas! LOL Anyway... don't get frustrated with me. I love you guys... as always, there's more to come.



I don't like the "sounds like" portion of this page. It makes me think too hard. LOL Look, hip hop is supposed to be individual. To me, hip hop (at its core) is about breaking the rules. Some things come full circle or get constantly regurgitated. I know this and accept it. It's a part of my people's art. BUT... the NEW things... It's the NEW THINGS that catch fire. Many of you who reach my music may have preconceived notions of what you may hear. There's a slight pause before you click "PLAY". Why? There's a lot of SHIT out there representing hip hop these days. It makes it hard to trust new music. I know... I feel it too. Sometimes, I really don't want to experience what someone has to offer when I see that label (hip hop). BUT I don't go as far as to put down what they create. Hip hop can only be pushed as far as the intelligence and creativity of the creator can allow. Different life experiences, different levels of education, different lessons from life (learned and un-learned) make up this art. For that reason, I love it. For that reason, I try to push it and distort it as much as I can. Because something new is always welcome. Thanks for reading... and please keep listening.



Thank you so very much to all of my new supporters and a HUGE thank you to everyone who gave me so much support and encouragement from the moment i uploaded my first song. IN WAYS YOU DON'T KNOW... you saved me. I love you all. Please keep in touch and keep listening.


Let the music speak for itself. Why do I have to write a book about every aspect of it? I hope you love it and if you want to know about me as a person, friend me on FB or follow me on Twitter. LOVE and MUSIC... peace.