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Not Enough

If you wanted something more than anything be it tangible or a dream, what do you suppose would bring about it's fruition faster - thinking about it or action steps to fulfil its realisation?

I seriously don't have the answer but from my own experience have found if you don't fully believe in your end goal then any actions towards its fulfilment will be thwarted..

So what happens then if one uses prayer - BUT only believes in a God - not the fulfilment of the end goal itself?

Again I do not know the answer but this very question inspired me to write 'Not Enough' the third song on the soon to be released Cortez record Run for your Life.

The chorus line reads 'It's not enough to pray'..

If prayer was the answer to all our prayers then wouldn't people be on their knees 24/7? It's not enough to pray doesn't bag out religion or believers, quite the opposite, it's more about actually doing what you are thinking about, complimenting your focused thoughts with actions/steps to help make it a reality..

It's all well and good to 'put it in Gods hands' and then forget about it but don't blame the man upstairs if for example you're still living at home with your mum, single at age 45...it's not his fault you're a slack f*cker..

Another line says 'is it you you're making deals with?'

If we are made in the 'image' then yes, and if you are an atheist then yes again..

Another line reads: 'can you hear the Gods a' whistling as they move you around the board?' This refers to the cliche' we are pawns in the game of life.. if you believe that then you really are screwed..

Not Enough gets angry at the do-gooders for 'doing' nothing and hopefully inspires the rest to keep fighting on for what they believe in...

Not under this bridge

In a clean middle to upper class suburb sits an average kid typing harmlessly away on his computer, while his family goes about their business in total ignorance...

Ignorance to the fact that their own blood and creation is in fact a Troll..

Trolls, spawned from social media itself, gave socially inept, people without a voice 114 keys and a world wide audience to read their every word. Movie stars get similar notoriety obviously through thespian skill but Trolls get their '5 mins' from preying on families of victims.

The third song on the Cortez - Run for your life record is aimed squarely at the Troll..

Written in the third person the Troll is baited, similar to how cyber police bait pedophiles..the target/victim is designed in such a way so the trolls find them irresistible to torment. They come like bees to honey, spewing out their insidious commentary, where eventually each can be traced to a home address - most times nothing happens to these sick f#cks and they get away with it..

The only difference in this song is that once the troll is identified he/she is 'taken offline permanently '..

Trolls by Cortez - coming online soon..

Into your room

Into your room

This is a weird concept born from serious questioning and maybe WAY too much vino...

We watch wildlife researchers capturing animals, knocking them out and conducting research, tests, blood samples etc. etc. and as we (humans) are technically at the apex of the evolutionary pyramid we see this animal research necessary if these species are to survive...

Open your mind just for a moment to consider this strange idea - if alien life is 'out there' and they are visiting us - it would be safe to say they are more advanced than we are, which would mean they are higher in the evolutionary pyramid.

If people really are getting 'abducted' maybe these beings are just doing a bit of research, a few tests on us, (no, I still haven't sussed out the anal probing aspect of this theory!) but maybe if this stuff is really happening, maybe they are doing this 'research' to save us from ourselves?

Okay Bill put the glass down and step away from the bottle...

Into your room the Cortez track was written with this 'concept' in mind. A deal made between the more advanced species and the human couple..if the couple agree to be 'studied' they will be given their own 'world to call home...'

After writing this one it felt good to know, one, that the idea worked and two, that not every aspect of songwriting needs to be based upon first hand experience or what you see or even what you hear about...sometimes it can come purely from your own imagination..

Happy Christmas!

Sitting here watching Bad Santa on Christmas night and the line 'being sobre puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to violence' got me thinking, not in the sense that i want to be violent but purely how alohol effects our performance. When it comes to music I've always enjoyed having a few when playing live,..Vedder has a bottle of wine on stage, Jimmy Barnes (Cold Chisel) used do a bottle of vodka, Ozzy - well say no more!...but there was a time when in solid state where I would not drink a thing while playing/singing and strictly no food 3 hrs prior..

With this cortez recording I let go of that regime and tried to really embrace the whole studio/recording 'once in a lifetime rocknroll'experience. Yeh I did forget lines sometimes and was a bit pitchy here and there but the flip side was one of the best recording processes I've been lucky enough to be a part of - all of us had a ball. The most important outcome for me though was that the vocal sound for the most part was authentic and came from an honest place, not contrived or impersonated..

Having said all that I don't think I would do it again.

The last track I sang in the studio and Rob Grant the producer says

'F#ck that's the best you've sang on the whole record, what did you do?'

'Nothing' I replied sheepishly 'no beer, no booze nothing!'



Fromall of us at Cortez - many thanks for your continued support!