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Sweetness Untamed The Mixtape

Sweetness Untamed is here.and unleashed. Download and stream today on datpiff.. I put my all into this mixtape so I know you will love it. Thanks for the support http://www.datpiff.com/Suga-P-Sweetness-Untamed-mixtape.426354.html

Worldwide Talented Vol. 2 Mixtape

Everyone please listen & download new Worldwide Talented Vol. 2 Mixtape It's hott! http://www.datpiff.com/Ts-Productions-Worldwide-Talented-Vol2-mixtape.414073.html

Radio interview

Suga's first radio interview is Oct. 13, 2012 on 6th man radio 7:30pm on The dopest unsigned female emcees. Everyone please tune in & show support, while Suga is interviewed about her grind in her music career.Also listen to her music played live on radio for the first time. http://bit.ly/Qcj9X7 730PM 6464783599

Download the Who Got Bars Mixtape with my song Keep Getting Paid

WHO GOT BARS MIXTAPE *DOWNLOAD NOW* @TruGProductions - Tru Go Getta Mixtapes http://www.trugogettamixtapes.com/2012/09/who-got-bars-mixtape-download-now.html

Realize your potential

"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains And we never even know we have the key." My chain is broken, my mind is free now I'm living my life according to me. We all must realize that we all possess the same tools to do the same

Another level

My mind is now clear, my perserverance is at the highest level. My motivation is beyond me. Come into my world and I bet that you will never want to leave.


Life is weird sometimes but now, I'm finally ready to allow everyone into my world. Music has been within me since I was a youth and I know I will not let you down. I can sing to your heart hurts or make you smile. then I can get you hyped or horny. I strive in versatility,everyone is an individual in life. I am Suga. So sweet yet so rough.

love the support

Theres no greater feeling for an artist to get love from there fans. Its a good feeling to know that people can listen to you and feel your words and or relate to you. I love all my fans and the support.

On My Way

Preserverance and drive is the key to success. you got to be hungry, and im ready to be feed.