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Playing with the Misfits

We played with the Misfits and it was a blast...to say we played with them is a bit of an overstatement though, it's not like we're touring with em and we got all buddy buddy backstage before the show...but Jerry Only was sound checking when we loaded in, and that was cool. It was definitely a good night, what with our own VIP wrist bands, our own sound check (obviously not for the purpose of the sound OnStage...), and lsg original taking some awesome pics outta the blue. We got a good response from the crowd and felt like our set went well, despite the brutal fumble in "Foot Bail." We pulled it back together, despite the inability to hear anything other than yourself in your 2 square feet of stage room, and had fun with it. The Misfits blew the doors off the place, literally, (again, with the sound...) and Jerry Only sounded tight on the old school jams like "Teenagers from Mars" and "Skulls."