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the 12 tracks from Last of the 8-Bit Interceptors are up.

Audioloop remix competition

The Audioloop Remix Contest song is my entry for the Audioloop remix competition (as its name implies.) It's a rather new community for producers of whatever you may produce, so check us out at www.audio-loop.net.

The current competition is almost over now, but there will no doubt be some more.

This particular song is a remix of Ian Van Dahl - Reason.

Dan's retarded foray into the world of pretentious breakcore crap

Here I am, newly signed up on ReverbNation. I chose it because the site was pretty. My latest work contains hints of 8-bit flavor and Venetian Snares breakcore influence. So basically it's all pretentious experimental crap.

The first track is "No Talent Required," a deep and thoughtful journey through the thoughts running through my mind as I opened up Fruity Loops and bashed my head against my keyboard until said track manifested itself within the Compaq Vista-loaded PC that's been sitting in the basement ever since it was bought from the local Wal-Mart last December.

The second track, entitled "En Eee Ess" brings back the old 8-bit percussive sounds we all remember along with more NES influenced fast arpeggios (or was that on the C64?) because setting FL Studio to arpeggio mode and bashing random keys is the extent of my keyboard playing ability.

The third and final track is a deep introspective track laced with regret because I'm far too retarded to figure out how to use a proper tracker and am using Fruity Loops instead.