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One Chilly Afternoon , the February 18th thoughts

Chilling cool afternoon, i'm in my studio thinking to my self "is this mixtape done? what should i add, what should i take out". Basically this was me wondering if the 10track cover mixtape was ready to be released, if the fans were ready to accept this kind of music, if the critics were ready with their pens and media inks to complain about how "wack" the mixtape would. But as a person of perfection and heavy attention to detail, i decided to chill for a while till other pending projects i'm working on are completed. But it was quite fun making the mixtape doe. From boogey to Fatboi to Johnny Berg to Oyinkan ,Dxphase and furli all coming to support , endorse and build an amazing mixtape with me. i gotta say it was definitely worth the ride. My fans weren't left out. we made a collaborative effort on track 10 of the mixtape called "Shoutout" (shit i shouldn't have said that , oh what the heck lol) anyways as i wrap up today's piece to get back to work, i am wondering how long it would to write out lyrics to everysong :( writing lyrics is such a burden but this is the life we chose so hey i cant complain. Make sure you guys have a great day. wanna know where i'm gonna be this week, u may spot me at this month's edition of One Mic Naija #SMW on friday 21st of Febraury. it should be fun. 1love

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Recycle NIGERIA !!! POW !!!

We live in a generation where we have home training but refuse to display it either because we don’t know better, because of peer pressure or because we are just plain spoilt (I might be wrong). What am i talking about? I’m talking about the increased level of waste material we bring out every day, which could be put to better use. How do we reduce this waste that we throw out everyday on the streets landfills? Ever heard of "Recycle”? Recycling is a process using materials (waste) into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling) by reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal, and lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to plastic production.[1][2] Recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction and is the third component of the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" waste hierarchy. There 3 ultimate rules, R's when it comes to recycling. Which goes as follows: 3R's R: Reduce R: Reuse R: Recycle. When need to go green guys. The world is already on that tip because they know the earth won’t last long. We need to protect earth by Recycling. As i was saying most times you will see me putting up the three (3) finger sign, they stand for the 3r's Reduce reuse and recycle. If you want to learn more about Recycling follow @kidscleanclub so we can make this as fun as possible As i was saying some of you guys maybe the thinking "wetin this guy dey yarn sef" "what is recycle?” "na u born Nigeria?" Resources used to make things on Earth are limited. We have relied on these for decades and now resources are becoming depleted and are running out. Why should we recycle: We throw away rubbish each year, which are sent to landfill sites or put in incinerators burnt which pollutes the atmosphere. In other words Recycling, Reduces waste, Saves Energy & our Environment. It reduces air pollution; it saves the trees being cut down everyday E.g.: Making a new can, a new plastic bottle, or a glass jar from raw materials uses more energy than it would if an old one was recycled. So recycle today, save paper, glass, cans & plastic, give them to @kidscleanclub we'll take care of it. Keep 9ja Clean. Eko Oni Baje O We work with LAWMA 2recycle as many Papers, Cans, Glass & Plastics possible! Why don't U join us? #recyclingawareness contact 08033788641 or follow us on Twitter @kidscleanclub Read our Blog: http://kidscleanclub.blogspot.com Liks us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/medicng Follow us on twitter : https://twitter.com/kidscleanclub Slim T TWITTER: @slimtmusic FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: www.facebook.com/slimtmusic

Lagosians Video Shoot

Tired much, but we gotta shoot, #teamslimt got tons of surprises for u. follow me on twitter : @slimtmusic and get updated on facebook here : www.facebook.com/slimtmusic


Ok hello everyone, its been a while bah? Yeah i know, studio sessions upon studio sessions. Hope you are all doing Great. OK !! Back to why i am here. "Lagosians" , WE ARE LAGOSIANS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. What inspired me to write that song ? you say ? Well i find Lagos pretty interesting, the people are so awesome and like a good friend always says "Life is Beautiful , if you dont stop for a second to observe it, you just might miss it" So that's what i did. After experiencing all the Lagos stress. the traffic wahala, the no light issue (NEPA y evils), the "food don cost" syndrome , the selling in traffic, the night life. etc etc. i decided to stop for a moment and observe. So i took a day off, entered a BRT , paid for a day's trip and all i did was observe everything that day. It was definitely an inspiring ride, took down tons of notes, also the comedy too was fun, because a conductor was tryn to beat up a customer for entering his bus without paying, lol Lagos Na Wa O. Anyways Met with the amazing TinTIn (fab producer by the way, here is his twitter handle @tintinAndTins ) and the rest was History. oh darn, my time is up, back to my Session. talk to you guys next time. Shoutout to #TEAMSLIMT my Ever amazing fans. you can also follow me on twitter : @slimtmusic . 1 love. its TRIPCIY baybeeee #okbye lol

christmas day with Slim T

yay its Christmas day, as we Nigerians luv to call it "keresimesi". Spent Christmas at the orphanage , its kinda funny the things we complain about. meanwhile people out there, are going through real problems. The name of the orphanage is "Living fountain orphanage". The kids had serious fun. Thank God its Christmas. ciao

Welcome to the world of Slim T

hi. my name is Slim T(as u all ready know by now) and i'm one hell of a cool guy. i'm new at this blog thingy, so amma be brief. hope we have fun cuz its gonna be a long ride. if ur just viewing my page(like duh?) then i recommend you check out all my songs. have a great day and God bless. i promise to post as much content as possible. am out. 1.